Introduction: How to Cook a Double Bacon Burger

This burger simple but tasty. The kewpie Mayo kicks the flavor up a notch.

Step 1: To Start Off We Need to Make the Patty.

Setup either a mincer or food processor with the cutting blades.

I’m using chuck beef; I find it has great flavor for a burger.

Mince the chuck beef.

I like my burgers to have a fat ratio of 70% meat to 30% fat, this will give you juicy, tender burgers

Step 2: Season With Salt and Pepper

Now the beef is minced, take a hand full and mold them into patties.

I can’t stress enough how much better burgers are if you make your patty’s from scratch.

Place them in the fridge for half an hour just to firm up.

Step 3: Next, You’ll Need to Light a Chimney of Charcoal, I’m Using Clean Heat Charcoal.

Setup the BBQ for direct grilling.

The first thing we need to cook is the bacon.

If you want to make your own bacon, you’ll find our homemade bacon recipe on the channel.

Take the bacon off and set one side.

Step 4: Now, Place the Patties Over the Charcoal.

Make sure to rotate the patty minute.

Cook for 2 minutes before flipping.

Place on top a couple of slices of cheddar cheese.

Step 5: Place the Bacon Onto of the Cheese.

Move one of the patties on top of the other.

Once the bacon, patties, and cheese have melted together, remove from the grill.

Step 6: Now It’s Time to Make This Burger.

Keeping it simple, place the burger stack on the bun.

Cover the top half of the bun with Kewpie Mayonnaise.

Top with the bun.

Step 7: There You Have It! a Double Bacon Burger!

The combination of the bacon and cheese on a patty made from scratch is heavenly.

Let us know in the comments your favorite burger and if we have made a recipe for it yet, we’ll get on to it.