Introduction: How to Cook and EAT Giant Grubs

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Step by step instructions for going about primitively cooking and eating Giant Grubs (Longhorn Beetle Larvae)

Disclaimer: Creatures were harmed and consumed in this instructible. I will say that they struck the first blow by killing my entire forest full of 100+ year old grandfather Elms and Hackberry. Dates carved into the trees were from the late 1800's on to present time with trees measuring up to 3ft in diameter... They are all dead now, blue sky anddead trees laying everywhere full of grubs. I've a bit of a bias against these creatures nowadays.

Step 1: Finding Grubs to Consume

Step 2: What You'll Need

This is obviously my own take on the process of entomophagy (bug eating) and I fully expect to be judged for using Cholula sauce to enhance this savory treat. That being said, I've cooked this grub using a campfire, green sharpened spit and Cholula sauce as propriety in such endeavors must be maintained.

Step 3: Spit Through Grub

On to the cooking business. The sharpened spit must be twisted and pushed lengthwise through the grub. The spit is used so that the grub can be suspended over the fire to cook without risk of burning oneself.

Note: Be sure to use a green/live branch to cook your grub. Using dead wood for a spit will likely result in it catching fire, burning in half, and the inevitable loss of your meal.

Step 4: Spice and Flame

You can cook with or without seasoning, I prefer the former. Marinade with Cholula and begin to cook over the fire. Due to the size of this meal, cooking time is well under 10 minutes. Rotate the spit to make sure that cooking is uniform. I cooked the grub until it was crisp on the outside with the inner meat remaining moist.

Note: Cooking "wild game" of any sort is advisable. Cooking kills parasites/bacteria as well as aids in the breakdown of food which allows for more efficient digestion.

Step 5: Eat Up!

Pull your grub off or eat it on the stick! It's more than a mouthful, and I take the head/beak off (too hard) before consuming. Enjoy the smoky flavorful grub, it was actually pretty tasty when I managed to forget what it is for a bit... It'll take a while to finish, while chewing you'll probably want to take a few moments to consider the decisions you've made in life that have led you to this moment. At least I don't live in a van down by the river I suppose...

Note: I would equate this creature to the flavor of bacon... I know, I'd be skeptical too. Reminded me of a Jalapeno Popper with the hint of Cholula. 10/10 would eat again.

Step 6: Watch This Video to See How It's Done

Not a step, but if a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video ought to be worth at least a thousand

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