Introduction: How to Cook the Adelaide's Classic "AB" (Loaded Gyros Fires)

The legend of the AB starts with the two takeaway stores next to each other in North Adelaide, Australia.

The “Red and White” and the “Blue and White” no one knows for sure which store created the AB but they both claim too.

Also what “AB” stands for it a much-debated topic.

This dish is similar to a halal snack Pack but differs with the use of Greek Gyros meat and garlic sauce.

Step 1: To Start You’ll Need to Finely Dice Three Garlic Cloves.

Next you’ll need fresh rosemary and some fresh thyme.

Roughly chop.

Then add the garlic, rosemary and thyme to a bowl.

Step 2: Followed by 500g’s of Sliced Lamb Shoulder.

Next season with half a table spoon of ground cumin.

Then season with salt and pepper.

The juice of half a lemon.

Finally, two table spoons of olive oil.

Mix the lamb through the seasoning, making sure it’s fully coated.

Step 3: Next We Need to Make the Garlic Sauce.

In a bowl add 1 cup of Greek yogurt.

Mince 3 cloves of garlic.

Finally, the juice of half a lemon.

Mix it all together.

Place in the fridge until needed.

Step 4: Next, Place Pan Over High Heat.

Cook the lamb until it begins to brown and all the pieces are cooked through.

The garlic and small pieces of lamb will become crunchy adding more texture to the dish.

Step 5: Deep Fry Your Fries at 350f or 170c, for a Recipe Like This I Normally Use Frozen Fries.

Drain the fries before seasoning with salt, I’m using an Aussie Favourite Chicken Salt.

Step 6: All That’s Left to Do Is Serve It Up!

Place the fries on a plate and then top with the lamb.

Finish it off by pour over some ketchup and some of our garlic sauce.

Step 7: There You Have It! the Adelaide Legend, a Right of Passage, the Last Night Savior, an “AB”

This dish may not look pretty but it’s incredible.