How to Cool Water in Summer.

Introduction: How to Cool Water in Summer.

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Summer season is very pleasant in cold countries but here in India it just so not good. In summer while traveling on hot sunny day the water inside our bottle heats up making it difficult to drink, imagine you are very thirsty and you are forced to drink that hot water from your water bottle???????

I know what you remember your worst summer experience now, but the good news is that you don't have to face this anymore..............

Here's a very easy and a brand new life hack I am sharing today. This hack is originally used in almost all the parts of India by the native vendors, farmers and Drivers, From Truck driver to Auto Rickshaw Drivers it is their favorite hack during summer.

I have modified this hack a bit and tried to make it easy and more modern.

Here is the video link for the same......

How to cool water in summer

Step 1: Requirement: a Spare Socks (100% Cotton), a Bottle and Water.

1) A Water-bottle

2 )Water

3) Socks: Make sure the socks which you use is clean and hygienic. If the Socks is made of 100% cotton is much appreciable.

How to keep your water bottle cooler in summer

Step 2: Step 1: Wet Your Socks With Water.

Pour some water on your socks and make it wet.

Step 3: Step 2: Insert the Water Bottle in the Wet Socks

You can insert the water bottle in the socks which you just made it wet and then keep the bottle in your bag and you are ready to go. The next you drink water from the bottle it won't be hot anymore.

Step 4: The Logic:

Well the wet socks/ cotton cloth/ jute cloth around the bottle holds the water as they absorb water (unlike synthetic clothes) . This property of cotton/Jute helps the cloth to act as an Insulator hence it dramatically cools the water inside the bottle also insulates it from the outside temperature.

Once the cloth gets dries make sure to wet it again.

#Happy making.

Spread the good word and share the knowledge.

In India we believe by sharing the knowledge you become more knowledgeable.

Here is the video demonstration of the same.

How to keep your water bottle cool in summer

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    4 years ago

    ... plus, if you use that nice Sigg or other aluminium/steel bottles, the sock prevents it from getting scratched. One of the best ways to (re)use songle socks or socks with holes you don't want to repair.


    Reply 4 years ago

    Very True. :)