Introduction: How to Copy Game Saves to a Microsoft or 3rd Party MU the EASY WAY.

Original tutorial HERE

There are plenty of Softmod tutorials out there and all of them are good but getting the save files onto the Xbox HDD is a pain, I made a live cd that makes it easy to do just that. This is not a complete softmod tutorial, this is just to get the exploit files onto your Xbox to start the process.

First you need to buy or build a USB to Xbox adapter like this

How to modify Xbox controller for use on PC or MAC

Next you need to download my LIVE CD here

Action Replay Win7 32 bit LIVE CD NDURE INCLUDED

Burn the ISO to a CD-R with imgburn or to USB with Rufus (I tested this)

Boot CD-ROM or USB stick in any PC (please test)

Step 1:

Once booted you should see the desktop, first open the action replay shortcut

Step 2:

then open the action replay folder

Step 3:

then open the action replay app

Step 4:

If your controller is plugged into the PC and your MU is inserted into the controller you should see a green AR symbol at the top of the window

Step 5:

Next open the softmod folder

Step 6:

next select the game save folder you are using to softmod, in this example we are using Mech Assault

Step 7:

Next drag and drop to the memory card pane

Step 8:

Now you should see the yellow progress bar start to move above the memory card pane

Step 9:

Once you see your save in the left Memory Card window, you are all set! Now insert your MU back into your XBOX and copy the save file over to the hard drive, then continue your softmod by running the save game from inside the game of your choosing.