How to Corpse a Cheap Skull With Toilet Paper and Glue




Introduction: How to Corpse a Cheap Skull With Toilet Paper and Glue

Another tutorial. This is the second skull corpsing tutorial in our Dollar Store Corpsing series. Make sure to watch the video, as most details can be seen there better! And don't forget to subscribe to our channel

Tools and materials:

Cheap plastic skull

Toilet paper

School Glue

Black latex paint

Acrylic paints

Nail polish

Wood stain

Step 1: Corpsing the Skull

Paint teeth with white nail polish, also repaint eye and nose sockets with black paint.

Mix one part glue to one part water. Brush a small area on the skull and lay a sheet of toilet paper over it. Gently smooth over using a paint brush. Wrinkles are ok, and look really good.

Make sure to overlap the edges of the toilet paper. Go over the whole skull, but avoid putting toilet paper over the teeth, but go ahead and cover the eyes and nose sockets.

Repeat this process one more time and let dry thoroughly.

Step 2: Painting and Drybrushing

When dry, paint over the toilet paper area with black exterior latex paint. Let dry.

Mix some brown, black and white paint to make a dark gray color. Brush this over the whole skull. If some black shows through, that is ok. It adds depth to the paint job.

Add white to the paint mix and with a very dry brush (wipe excess paint off on a sheet of paper) lightly "dry brush" the skull.

You will notice the wrinkles pop out.

Repeat this with an even lighter coat and even drier brush.

Step 3: Staining and Finishing the Skull

Using a cotton swab or similar cotton tipped stick, add some wood stain to the teeth area and any other areas where the "bone" is exposed. Immediately wipe off with a paper towel.

And you are DONE! Make sure to vary the colors, and other factors to come up with different looks and styles.

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