Introduction: How to Correctly Load a Single Action Revolver

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I will show how to correctly load a single action revolver ....AKA Six Shooter with five bullets
Now the cautions ,A firearm is deadly !! Handle with extreme care DO NOT point it at anything you are unwilling to destroy .The bullets used in this instructable are dummy rounds hand loaded by me for live fire jam drills, the primers are inert (soaked in oil) and there is no powder in the bullets.

Step 1: Load the First Chamber

Open the loading gate on the right side of the gun , here I use a replica 1851 Colt Navy cartridge conversion . Center the chamber in the loading gate and insert the first bullet .

Step 2: Rotate Cylinder Past Second Chamber

Rotate the cylinder past the second chamber and stop at the third , you want to load only FIVE bullets ....I have removed the barrel and will show the cylinder from the front in my pictures .
Here is the first and third chamber loaded.

Step 3: Load the Rest

Rotate the cylinder and center the fourth chamber in the loading gate and again load a bullet then do the same for the fifth and sixth chamber.

Step 4: Cock and Let Hammer Down

Point the gun in a safe direction and cock hammer to full cock , if you have done this right you will let the hammer down on a unloaded chamber .
Why 5? Why a empty chamber under the hammer ?
First on older guns if a live round is under the hammer a hard blow to the hammer can cause a accidental discharge , not good if in a holster ,Second if you are letting the hammer down and you lose control of the hammer your get, Why, yes, an accidental discharge!