Introduction: How to Counter Prince Card in Clash Royale Effectively

About: Hi there, Professional Clash Royale player here about to drop some serious knowledge on how to succeed in this game. I have the best tips on what cards and decks to use in each arenas to dominate.

Prince is one of my favorite cards to play and Clash Royale Tips agree. Besides being an awesome Epic card, Prince is a powerful unit that has a solid amount of hit points with good melee damage. What makes this card so unique is its special trick is what can only be described as a ‘Charge’ attack, that can result in twice as much damage then normal. When used with other troops that can supplement Prince, you can quickly take down an enemy tower with the right mixture of cards in your deck.

Step 1: Tombstone Vs Prince

The only downside to having Prince is how it easily they are countered by Tombstone. Because Tombstone costs 3 Elixirs to Prince’s 5, it’s simply a bad math when it comes to Elixir trade off. It is important to have Prince accompanied by another card that can support him. By having splash damaging cards in the deck to counter Tombstone, Prince’s weaknesses are covered.

Step 2: So How to Protect the Prince?

Another unit that Prince has a tough time against are Skeleton Army. When spawned on top of Prince, it can quickly take down the Prince in on time. So when your foe pulls the Skeleton Army on your prince, quickly counter it by firing arrows or fireballs at them.

As you can see, the Prince must be protected and escorted at all times to be fully effective. One favorite attack cards combination I like to throw out is to send out a tank (like Barbarian) or two in the front, with Witch and Baby Dragon to ward off swarming attacks. Prince is now free to deal its devastating attacks and take down the tower in quick succession.

Step 3: Important Thing to Know When Countering Prince

A key concept in effectively countering Prince is in negating its special bonus that it is so famous for. By slowing the Prince down with a swarm or two and neutralizing its 2x attack bonus, you are effectively neutering the Prince. Also, Prince doesn’t have that high of hit points so when you counter with the right cards at the right time, they become an easy card to deal against.

Any chest can contain Prince epic card and I was lucky enough to unlock it in the training grounds. Once I had it, Prince has been in my deck ever since. Recall that every time you win a battle in the game, you are awarded with chests. Most of the times, you will get a free chests and you can only store up to 2 free chests. This makes it important for you to clear out the chests slots you have so to continually receive new free chests daily. There are other special chests like Silver and Golden chests, they take anywhere from 3 hours to 8 hours to unlock. Despite the rumors that Prince can only come from Crown Chest, that is simply not true as I myself got the Prince from a free chest.