Introduction: How to Crash Any Computer With a Batch File!

Crash Any Computer or Laptop Easily

Step 1: 1. Open Notepad

Most computers have this program built in.

Step 2: 2. Type @echo Off

You need to hit enter after each line of code.

Step 3: 3: Type in on the Second Line :crash

This makes a loop point for the code.

Step 4: 4. Type Start on the Third Line

This Will Have The Batch File Open Command Prompt Until It Crashes

Step 5: 5. Type Goto Crash

This will be the fourth and final line of code

Step 6: 6. Save Your Text File As a Batch File

i. Click "File" in the top left corner of Notepad.
ii. Click "Save As...".
iii. Click the "Save as type" field at the iv. bottom of the "Save" window.
v. Click "All Files" in the drop-down menu

Step 7: 7. Name Your File

Name your file but have it end in .bat which means batch file.

Step 8: 8. Save It

Save Your File

Step 9: 9. Open Your Documents and Open the Program

Make sure you have saved all your open projects because the way to stop it a complete shut down.

Step 10: 10. Open It and Watch the Effects

The only way to stop it is by completely turning the computer off