Introduction: How to Create a Matrix Styled CMD Effect Plus Live ECG Monitor

This tutorial aim to bring you the secret code behind the Matrix Movies. I would be using this tutorial to explain the concept of loops in programming.

Let's look at a quick scenario:

Playlist {

Do: Play Favorite Song }

Goto Playlist


Echo Yes

Go back and Echo Yes again.

The same principle is what lies in the secret code behind the Matrix Effect. I would be teaching you how to do this quickly and fun.

Step 1: Step 1: Launch Notepad

Click Start (Windows 7) and type notepad in the {search bar}. On Windows 8 click the Windows Key and start typing the word notepad.

If you are still unsure how to do this then use the following shortcurt Windows Key + R that would launch the run and then type notepad.

Step 2: Step 2: the Secret Code As Revealed

Now that you have managed to open notepad start typing the following lines;

@echo off
Title: Matrix Effect

color 0a


echo %random%%random%%random%%random%Matrix%random%%random%Effect%random%%random%

timeout /t 1 >nul

goto rng

Step 3: Step 3: Adding Modifications

Perhaps you would like to include in the effect your computer name, ip address, domain name, servers ip, default printer name of even list files in a particular folder.

This step is completely optional but it does help to get your colleagues jealous of you.

So then let us add some fancy bits to the script.

List folder directory items in the loop. How about using the same script to delete the temporary files on your computer?

So you could end up having something like as below;

echo %random%%random%%random%%random%Matrix%random%%random%Effect%random%

timeout /t 1 >nul

echo ^G //This line must be copied from second batch program.

cd %temp% echo | del /s *.*

tree /f /a

goto rng

Step 4: Step 4: Download Working Matrix Scripts Now + Bonus ECG Monitor

Download the 2 scripts provided free of charge and enjoy it to the best of your might!

Do not tell anybody about this!!!