How to Create a Prezi Presentation From Scratch

Introduction: How to Create a Prezi Presentation From Scratch

These instructions are for new users that wish to learn how to use Prezi or for those who have used Prezi before but would like a refresher. By following these instructions, users should be able to create a free account on and create a simplistic presentation after following the following example presentation.


For years, PowerPoint has been one of the leading tools in creating visually effective presentations but there are new tools that are coming out that have some advantages that are not offered with PowerPoint. is a website that allows users to create visual presentations that have fewer restrictions when it comes to how the presentation is created and how it is presented. Prezi allows users to access their presentations through the web or by app on multiple devices. When using PowerPoint, users have to be careful with what version of PowerPoint they use because their presentation can be changed if they open their presentation on a different version. Prezi on the other hand allows users to create presentations that are not effected by version changes. Prezi also allows users to add visuals easier and uses an open canvas that allows you more room for your work.

Readers may find it beneficial to read the steps first and then perform the instructions. Prezi is a useful tool for high school students, college students and those in the work force. The only skill required is knowledge of how to use the internet.

Estimated time: 10-12 mins

Materials needed: Computer and internet access

Step 1: Part One: Creating Your Prezi Account

Step 1:

- Go to the Prezi website by typing into the address bar when you open the internet.

Step 2:

- In the top right hand corner of the website, there will be a bright blue rectangular button that says ‘get started’.

- Click on this to create an account.

Step 3:

- Click on “Continue Free” in the upper right hand side in the navy blue column.

Note: One this screen you will see different types of accounts. If you decide to try one of the accounts that you pay for, you will be directed to the same registration process and will begin your free trial for the account type that you decide on.

Step 4:

- Enter the necessary information that is needed to fill out the “Create your free Public account” section.

Step 5:

- Click on the blue button labeled “Create your free Public account”.
- The free account has now been created.

Step 2: Part Two: Adding Frames

Step 1:
- Click ‘New Prezi’ to begin your presentation.

Step 2:

- Choose a blank template by clicking on the white “Start blank Prezi” button in the lower right hand portion of the screen.

Note: Prezi offers a wide variety of pre-made templates that users can use. These instructions are for creating a presentation with a blank presentation.

Step 3:

- You will now have a white canvas with a blue circle. This circle represents a frame, which is essentially a ‘slide’ in your presentation.
- Click the “Click to add text” label in the circle. and change the words to “First Prezi”. (A toolbar will pop up at this time; for the sake of these instructions, do not change the format.)

Step 4:

- Add another frame by clicking in the top left corner of the screen, and choose the rectangle. (Other available options are bracket, circle, or invisible frame.

Step 5:

- Once you click on rectangle on the list, the top left corner square with the label “Circle Frame” underneath it will change to “Rectangle Frame”.
- Click on the square over the “Rectangle Frame” label and it will not only add it to the gray column on the left, but also on the open canvas on the left side of the original frame.

Step 6:

- In the gray column, click on the frame and on the open canvas in the middle of the screen. This will zoom in to the frame we have just created.

Step 3: Part Three: Adding Media

Step 1:

- To include media other than text, click at the top of the page on ‘Insert’. A drop down menu will appear.
- Options available are include YouTube videos, .pdf’s, music, and more inside of your frames.
- Click on “YouTube video…”

Step 2:

- You will be asked to paste a link in the popup box.
- Copy and paste the link found in the address bar for a video of your choosing from YouTube, and paste it into the popup box.

Note: If you choose any of the other options such as “Image”or “Background music” Prezi will pop up a window giving you the option to upload a file from your computer or from the web.

Step 3:

- After you insert the link, a black square, then showing an image from the video chosen.
- Click on the square containing the video.
- Three different options to manipulate the video will appear:
- The plus sign makes the video larger.
- The hand allows you to change the location of the video on the frame.
- The minus sign allows you to make it smaller.
- Enlarge the video by clicking on the plus sign twice, and move the video to the center of the frame with the hand.

Step 4: Part Four: Customizing Frames

Step 1:

- Click on the original frame from the start of the presentation. This will zoom us back out.
- Repeat steps four and five, except this time with “bracket frame”.

Step 2:

- Click on the “Bracket Frame” on the open canvas and move it to the upper right side of the circle frame on the open canvas.
- Use the hand again from the rectangular toolbar.

Step 3:

- Click on the “Customize” label located above the open canvas.
- You will see that it offers you the choice of adding a background image or to pick a theme to change the entire aesthetic of the open canvas.
- Choose “Sunset” under “Theme”.

Step 4:

- Click on the third frame we started in steps 10 and 11.
- Click between the middle of the bracket and type in “I am currently a student at the University of Central Florida.”

Step 5:

- The gray column on the leftmost side of the screen is where you can keep track of all of your frames just like you would be able to see the path your slides would take on PowerPoint. When you begin your presentation, the order the frames are listed in is the order that they are meant to be presented in.
- Just like on PowerPoint, you can drag and rearrange the order if you decide to.
- Click on the second frame from the gray column and drag it below the third frame.
- The frame with the YouTube clip will now be at the bottom.

Step 5: Part Five: Saving and Publishing

Step 1:

- To save the Prezi presentation, click on the floppy disk above the open canvas and on the left of the “Insert” label.

Step 2:

- After saving the Prezi presentation, it is important to view it.
- Click on “Present”, found on the upper right side above the open canvas in blue words find the word “Present”, click on it.

Step 3:
- When the black box pops up asking to “Allow full screen with keyboard control” press “Allow”.
- Use the left and right arrows to go through the frames created.

Step 4:
- The frames will transition full screen the same way they would on PowerPoint. Once you reach the last frame with the YouTube clip, click the play button on the video.

Step 6: Conclusion

With the conclusion of these instructions, you will have successfully signed up for Prezi presentations and created this simple Prezi presentation. You should now have a basic understanding of how to create a Prezi presentation and can now use this tool to create unique presentations with more freedom for structure. If you wish to learn about making more complex presentations, you can click Prezi’s support link here: .


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