How to Create Cloud and Tree in Miniature Painting?




Introduction: How to Create Cloud and Tree in Miniature Painting?

In this article we are going to teach you how to design and create cloud and tree shape in miniature painting art.

Step 1: Familiarity With Miniature Art

To familiarize with miniature painting art and to understand a preface of this art please refers to this article.

For more information and access to the instructional videos of the miniature art, refer to our website with more than four hours video tutorials totally free.

Step 2: The Cloud Instruction in Miniature

Now we want to explain cloud drawing. The cloud is one of the significant factors in miniature, respect to the form and beauty. I draw the cloud as an analyzed and big one. We draw the cloud in two ways: the circular and the elliptical. Our old school like Isfahan in safavieh era, drawn the clouds circular but now days draw the clouds, elliptical. I explain both of them. First we draw an ellipse, draw the part1, 2, and part3, return inside the ellipse. This is the total structure of the cloud. In circular form, follow the same formula. One, two. (Figure 1)

And the number of lines depends on your taste and your aesthetics. But in this form, try that the second movement will be just on the ellipse, and the third movement which return inside the ellipse, goes with the above line and be parallel. The combination at these forms, create the cloud. See that in this way, one, two, and three is back of the first cloud. (Figure 2)

And again the cloud here, the third movement is back of the cloud. I shaded inside these, that clouds will be clearer. In this way the clouds will combine together. (Figure 3)

The lines around these clouds are very important, see; we have thickness or thinness and faintness or richly color here again. The beginnings and ends are different. For example the line begins thin and faint and ends to the thick and richly color line. In all of these clouds this rule is obeyed. At the end of the clouds, we have the forms as you seen here. (Figure 4)

The lines that will draw in continue should be parallel. It means if we draw a line in this way, we did not allow drawing the next line towards, up or down. We should continue this form till end. These lines can continue one side or two sides. Many principles in miniature origin in aesthetics and it depend to your taste. We perform this form by hair brush in next step. (Figure 5)

Step 3: Drawing Cloud in Miniature by Hair Brush

Now we perform these forms by hair brush. I draw another combination of the cloud. I choose bigger hair brush and put it in the color. We start from thinness to thickness, faintness to richly color. (Figure 6)

Remember that hand is fixed in all miniature lines. We draw our plan, more carefully before using hair brush. You should do the cloud practice until you don’t need to prior drawing. The cloud and tree exercise in miniature is so important that success you in coloring. (Figure 7)

The places we create forms although the color is wet, we need high power to create form and drawing the cloud and tree give you this power. That stains I draw with pencil as hatching, I draw as pale paints in some parts of the clouds. Take care all the lines are the same and move in one angel, with the same curve. (Figure 8)

If you want to change your shape like the shape of the end of cloud, all the shapes will change based on this principle and along with this change shape. In the old shape of the cloud that I draw here for you, drawing by hair brush and the combination style of the cloud is the same and didn’t have any differences. Just the shape will change and become circle. Just like this. (Figure 9)

One of the exercises in working by hair brush and ink that I mentioned in previous article was circle and spiral forms that can help you now. The more practices you have by hair brush, the better you draw. (Figure 10)

The clouds debate will be ended here. In the next step I will explain about painting the tree in miniature.

Step 4: Instruction of the Tree in Miniature

Well, the tree will be painted in different forms in miniature but these trees which we are going to explain it here are completely different from natural trees and these because of that curves that we have in miniature and different from real trees. Take care of the soft and curve lines, as we used them in drawing by hair brush and in the cloud drawing. We use those lines in drawing trees as well. It is better to use the pencils which have thick tip because we can draw the tree voluminous then I explain the lines around it. You can do that by B2, B3, and B6. Before starting, sharpen your pencil. Now pull it on a surface that creates this thickness. (Figure 11)

You can work with these kinds of pencils and also soft pencils. Well this is the total draw of the tree that can have different forms. (Figure 12)

The matters in drawing a tree which are very important are places like branch and tree trunk which divide to different branches. Attempt not to be opposite each other. Not to be repeat opposite this place, a little down or up. This causes beauty of the tree. Again see the branches division. (Figure 13)

If you had emphasize on some parts of the branch which is not continued, try to continue the back part of the branch as an arc shape and don’t add anything. (Figure 14)

Don’t work on one part of the branch and try to work all parts at the same time and make it integrated. The other important point is the thicknesses. There are main branches and very little branches till we arrive to the thin ones, these factors should be obeyed, the more you draw trees and clouds, the better you success in miniature drawing, because there are very complicated and soft forms in clouds and trees. (Figure 15)

For more information and access to the instructional videos of the miniature art, refer to our website with more than four hours video tutorials totally free.

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