Introduction: How to Create Your Own Chrome App

This process takes about 5 minutes.

Step 1: Open Your Favourite Text Editor

In this instructable, I will be using Text.

Step 2: Type in the Following Text


"name": "Type the apps name here",

"version": "0.1",

"manifest_version": 2,

"description": "Type in the description",

"app": {

"urls": ["http://whateverthelinkis"],

"launch": {

"web_url": "http://www.yourlink"



"icons": { "128": "an icon that can be found on iconfinder"



Step 3: Save Your Document

Save your document as manifest.json

Remember to save the manifest.json file into a folder that also contains the icon. (This must be a new folder, you cannot use the downloads folder)

Step 4: Upload It to Chrome

Click on the more tools section in the settings drop-down menu and click on extensions.

Step 5: Upload It to Chrome (continued)

Click on "load unpacked extension" and select your file.