How to Create Your Own Free Website by Using Free Website Builders

Introduction: How to Create Your Own Free Website by Using Free Website Builders

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Anyone in need of a website without having sufficient funds can build his own website for free with the aid of free website builder. These website builders help to save money and to start up a business or to promote a service. So, you do not need any investment. Of course, if you are willing to spend a bit, you can aim better quality by upgrading to superior platforms and by resorting to more advanced features.

The following seven are extremely popular website builders and have proven instrumental in enabling people to set up a personal or official website without incurring any cost:


Step 1: WIX:

WIX: It is amongst the most well-known website builder and comes with a host of features including free web hosting. Its popularity stems from its simplicity and user-friendly features and codes. It is compatible with the giant search engines like Google and uses HTML5 along with a mélange of templates that are formal, semi-formal and informal, thereby lading you with multiple choices. With 1G bandwidth and 500MB storage, it is definitely a remarkable site building platform.

Step 2: Yola:

Yola :- It is another free site builder and has its own share of followers. In comparison to WIX, it provides greater storage at 1 GB and though it too operates on 2nd level domain, it stands out due to the fact that it allows as many as five websites instead of just one. Moreover, it gives a reprieve from those annoying pop-ups and helps you evade spam-like banners.

Step 3: WebStarts:

WebStarts :- Though WebStarts is also helpful for businesses, its features that rely heavily on creative templates and tools make it more compatible for personal sites and businesses that are run using casual, informal way. Like Yola, it offers five web pages. The storage is limited at 10 MB but the designs are plethoric and different categories leave the person spoiled for choice.

Step 4: ​ The good thing about it is that its diverse range of templates and tools make it perfect for both professional and personal use. Still, it is favored more by businessmen due to its favorable design and interface. Even a layman can use WebsiteBuilder due to its lack of complexity of HTML codes. Though it does leave a self-promoting banner at the bottom of your page, it compensates by giving you a cost-free sub-domain.

Step 5: IM Creator:

IM Creator:- It is another website builder that comes with more or less the same features. Its storage of 50 MB is heartening and the drag & drop editor tool is useful. Yet its USP lies in its impressive range of templates that get updated on a monthly basis. Another USP is its compatibility to cell phones. So, those looking to target the mobile audience will find this site builder tailored for their needs.

Step 6: Sitey:

Sitey: Riding high on the popularity wave, Sitey is recommended more for professional use than for personal use. Its 1 GB bandwidth and 50 MB storage offer convenience of use, and the platform are compatible to multiple browsers and to mobile phones. Most of its templates cater to professional use and it also enables easy access and collaboration with social medias.

Step 7: Weebly:

Weebly:- Weebly saves your time as it loads easily and is a free-of-cost website building platform. Like most website builders, it offers a free sub-domain which may seem both a help and a hindrance. Though weebly has lost a bit of its earlier popularity due to the spurt of fresh site builders, it still remains a coveted platform amongst small businesses, teaching enterprises and for personal use.


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