Introduction: How to Create a 5 Minute Easter Craft Glass Block (with/without Cricut)

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In this video we are going to show you how to create a Easter Craft Glass Block in 5 minutes! You can also watch the YouTube video of the same project here.

Things you'll need:

1. Christmas lights

2. Glass Block

3. Vinyl

4. The Easter Bunny Design that I used.

5. Cricut Explore (Optional)

6. Cricut Standard Mat (Optional)

7. Cricut Adhesive Mat (Optional)

8. Scraping Tool

.9. Transfer Tape

10. Fonts

Step 1: Select Your Design.

You can either buy your design online or pull it out of your saved project or even create one yourself.

Step 2: Customize Your Design.

Click on the unlock button. Next change the size of the design according to your requirement. My glass block is 7 by 7, but I don't want the design to be that big, so 5 by 5 will work well for me. You can always stretch the design in any direction using the mouse.

Step 3: Attach the Design.

Make sure that you attach all the parts of the design. All you need to do is click on the attach button.In case you forget to attach the design bits, be prepared to handle each part separately and then put it all together to form the original design. Way too much work!

Step 4: Click on the Make It Button.

Step 5: Print Out the Design.

Step 6: Prep the Surface of the Glass.

Remove the sticker on the glass block.

Next, clean it with some rubbing alcohol.

Step 7: Weed the Design and Prepare to Transfer the Design.

Cut the transfer tape according to the size of the design.

Remove the backing from the transfer tape and stick the tape to the design.

Remember to take out all the air bubbles using the scraping tool.

There are lots of places to buy transfer tape from, but my favorite is from Craftables. It is thick, peels off quickly, sticks well and is easy to use.

Step 8: Get the Design Onto the Block.

Once the air bubbles are all out, pull the tape off. You now have the design on the transfer tape. Take this design and place it onto the glass block.

Press it with your fingers and then use the scraping tool for the air bubbles.

Step 9: Peel the Transfer Tape Off Carefully.

Step 10: Check the Alignment of the Design BEFORE Putting It on the Block.

I accidentally placed the design upside down. Take care to keep the hole at the bottom, so that your cord doesn't show when you plug in the lights later.

Step 11: Add Some Lights.

Any lights will do- regular Christmas lights or battery-operated ones, whatever you have handy.

Step 12: The Final Look!

And that's what it looks like.

Happy creating!