Introduction: How to Create a Bead From Stick Welding in the Flat Position

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If you don’t have the equipment readily available you’ll be able to purchase these materials from your local department store or order them online.


Tools and equipment that will be needed to perform this task are safety glasses, Ultraviolet welding helmet, heat/fireproof gloves, full body leathers, steel toed boots, spark cap, grinder machine, with grinding disk, wire brush, a welder machine that’s able to use stick rods and a pack of 3/32nd 7018 welding rods

Step 1: PPE(personal Protective Equipment)

Make sure all protective clothing is on you properly to ensure maximum protection during the welding procedure.

Step 2: Environment Inspection

You can perform this task outside or indoors. If your performing inside make sure that the building is suitable with proper ventilation and floors are concrete with no flammable material. If your performing welding outside make sure the area is dry and away from anything wet to avoid electric shock or damaging the welding machine.

Step 3: Inspect Welding Machine

Make sure that the welder your using doesn’t have any defects and to that all you have to do is check the lines from the outlet to the machine and clamp. If there’s any exposed wires that’s a hazard and need to be fixed immediately before welding.

Step 4: Conduction Setup

Set stand up either inside the booth you’ll be welding in or outside and place the clamp that’s connect to the welder on to the stand for proper conduction. If clamp isn’t on the stand correctly the arc will not strike.

Step 5: Metal to Metal

Place your steel plate onto the stand flat so that it’ll be able to conduct.
Place stick tip inside the stinger and strike either side of the plate and tac the plate onto the stand

Step 6: Beading

Now your ready to bead
Angle the rod downward on the plate while holding the stinger at about a 45 degrees
Strike the rod and proceed to drag the rod across in a straight line on the the plate from one end to the other while using your wrist to motion in Cs or Lower case Es to create a pattern.

Step 7: Finished Product

After completing this task you will have to clean the welding bead. You can use your chipping hammer to remove the slag material off the weld and then use your wire brush to shine it. Then your bead is done.