Introduction: How to Create a Model Cubesat With an Arduino and DHT11 Sensor

The goal for our project is to make a cubesat and construct an Arduino that can determine the humidity and temperature of Mars.


Step 1: Creating the Design

10 cm x 10 cm x 10 cm cube

1 shelf that fits into the cubesat to hold the Arduino

Decided that we would build it out of pearler beads

Used one of the sides as a door, so we could access the Arduino. We did this by zip tying the door to the rest of the cubesat


Step 2: Build the Cubesat

Made 4 walls that had an X in the middle of it, to make it easier to access the Arduino. These were used at the walls on the sides.

Made 2 walls and a shelf that had a cross in the middle of it, to make sure the Arduino doesn't fall through. These were used as the top and bottom of the cubesat.

Ironed the walls to keep the beads sticking together.

To connect the different parts together we used hot glue.


Step 3: Constructing the Arduino

Looked at a fritzing diagram online and connected the pins that were shown

Connect Arduino with the DHT sensor

Makes sure the SD card is working with the data


Step 4: Coding

We need code for the sensor, SD card, and the RTC.

We used code from this website towards the bottom of the page.

We had to add 4 libraries in order for the code to work.

They are all on the link above.

Their names are DS3231, SPI, SD, and dht.


Step 5: Test Fit

There's a shelf in the middle to hold the sensors and breadboard

The arduino and battery go on the bottom

All the wires run through the shelf but are contained by the walls

Everything should be snug but not too squished


Step 6: Final Touches

We added a door with zip-ties and secured it with a hook and rubber-bands

We attached the battery and did a shake test to make sure our wires would not come undone

The arduino stayed intact and remained on


Step 7: Collecting Data

To collect data we attached our cubesat to the fan contraption and orbited around our model mars

We had a heater pointed at it to read temp and humidity