Introduction: How to Create a Digital Signature.

Adding a signature on a digital document like PDF or WORD file without printing and scanning it, is a handy technique. However it is a little bit tricky. I explained the process in 8 easy steps in the video.

I strongly recommend you storing your digital signature on a safe media.

You need;
- a camera
- pen and a white paper
- free image editor GIMP

Step 1: Put Your Signature on a White Paper.

Step 2: Take a Nice Photo of Your Signature.

Step 3: Open the Photo With GIMP, and Adjust Levels As Shown in the Image.

Step 4: Adjust Contrast As Shown in the Image.

Step 5: Clean Around Your Signature by Using Eraser Tool.

Cleaning shouldn't be very detailed. Don't get very close to image. If it is not enough clean, take another photo.

Step 6: Convert White Colour to Alpha.

This is the most critical step. GIMP has this functionality natively.

Step 7: Save Your Image As PNG File.

You need to save it as PNG with alpha channel.

Step 8: Your Image Is Ready for Adding.

You can simply drag and drop image file on your document editing software or use import options.