Introduction: How to Create a House in Tinkercad

This tutorial will tell you how to create a house In Tinkercad.

Step 1: Create a New Design

Create a new design to put your house on.

Step 2: Add a Wall

Add a box to the workspace and stretch it using the handles to create a wall.

Step 3: Add Walls on All Sides

Do step 2 on all sides.

Step 4: Change the Walls Colour

Change the walls colour by clicking the wall, then clicking the circle on top of solid, then choosing your colour.

Step 5: Add a Roof

Drag a roof from basic shapes and position it on top of the walls.

Step 6: Add a Door

Drag a box from basic shapes, position it and stretch it to look like a door.

Step 7: Add a Doorknob

Drag a cylinder from the workspace, position it and stretch it to look like a doorknob.

Step 8: You Are Finished

Congratulations your have created a house in tinkercad.