How to Create a Mii in Tomodachi Life Part 1 (Start From Scratch)

Introduction: How to Create a Mii in Tomodachi Life Part 1 (Start From Scratch)

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In this instructable I will be showing you a step by step on how to make your own Mii in Tomodachi Life by starting from scratch. Now throughout this instructable I apologise on my behalf as the photos may not be that great. But overall this instructable works on both versions (UK and AUSTRALIAN).

Step 1: Load Up the Game and Click on Town Hall

The first step is to click upon the Town Hall. This is the place where you can make Mii's and look up any sort of information about your island there.

Step 2: Town Hall's Menu

Once you have clicked into the Town Hall. You will then be greeted with another of buttons such as the ones shown in the picture. The button you need to click on next is "New Mii".

Step 3: Mii Creation Choices!

Step 3 after you have clicked the "New Mii" you will be given more choices on how you would like to produce your Mii. Now for the sake of this instructable I will be showing you have to make your Mii from scratch. So you will need to click on the first button "Start from Scratch".

Step 4: Picking a Gender

The first thing you will need to do is pick out a gender for your Mii. Which this step is pretty much simple enough that a young child can function this.

Step 5: Customising Your Mii

Now once the gender is picked, you can now pick out they faces, hair, eye brow styles, eyes and colour, nose, mouth and etc. Since Nintendo is pretty black and white upon they gender choices. Here in this step there's no limitations as to what a specific gender should have or what they should look like. So let your imagination run FREE! Once you are done click on the flashing button that has a piece of paper on it to go to the next stage of creating your Mii.

Step 6: Basic Details of the Mii

Here you will need to fill out all the Mii's details in order for you to successfully create a Mii. You will need to have: a first name and last name, nickname, birthday (you don't have to add the year of birth if you don't want!), grown up or child (that's if you didn't add they birth year), the real relation to you and the creator (which is you not me). Then once you have done that click on the flashing button that has the mini pac man with the speech bubble.

Step 7: Voice Settings for the Mii

Here you can either pick out pre-prepared voices from a age group of females to males or you can simply customise your Mii's voice if you aren't happy with the ones that are available.

Step 8: Creating a Personality for the Mii

The last final step for this instructable is to create a personality for your Mii. Creating the personality is one of the most important element of your Mii which will determine on how they make friends, knowing all they dislikes and likes and many other things. To make this Mii's personality there are five things that make up the personality: energy, speech, facial expressions, mood and overall.

From left being 0 to right being 8 you can create a level rating from each part. Then once you have completed this step click on the "Confirm" button. Once you have done the choices you have picked to create your Mii's personality it will tell you what sort of personality they have. Now congratulations you have created a Mii!

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    6 years ago

    Looks like fun, I haven't seen that game before :)