How to Create a Mini Spring Dress Recycling a T-Shirt




Introduction: How to Create a Mini Spring Dress Recycling a T-Shirt

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This time, I bring you an option to make your own trendy spring - summer dress! Recycle a T-shirt to save a little of money, add accessories for complete the look.

You will need.
  1. a long T-shirt.
  2. Fabric: cotton pattern with flowers.
  3. Elastic Band
  4. Pin
  5. Scissors
  6. Sewing Machine
  7. Thread

Step 1: First Step

For the skirt, pick the lenght and width of your choice. Measure it and cut

The elastic band should measure the same as the bottom of the shirt.

When you sew the elastic on the fabric pull a little bit as you go.

When your done sewing the elastic, unite the edges and sew as well to finish the skirt.

Step 2: Second Step

To do the bow, cut the fabric the size you want.

Fold in half sew then do the same for the edges. Tight a knot with the band to shape the bow.

Sew by hand the pin that will hold the bow.

Step 3: Third Step

You're almost done!

Now you have to unite the shirt and skirt with the help of pins, sew very carefully this part.

and that's all! Now you have a new trendy Dress for the Spring - Summer time :) Feel free to change or create something else to complete the look :)

Good Luck!! ;D

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    I have no intention of ever making a dress. I still went through every picture 1 by 1. What a hot little mamacita! What is it about caramel ladies thats so perfect?

    I really like your use of an accent bow, as well as the bit of length and visual interest sewing the shirt and skirt together provides. Having the shirt extend down a bit makes it look a tad fancier. Excellent job!


    11 years ago on Introduction

    I like dress but I like most the song :) which song is it
    thanks a lot;)


    11 years ago on Introduction

    I like the new format with pics and vids... you could make a burlap bag look sexy