Introduction: How to Create a Paper Rose

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There are a lot of Mothers out there who hate to receive live plants or flowers for Mother’s Day, because the plants/flowers tend to die.  So here is a beautiful paper rose that you can create for your Mom for Mother’s Day.  The best thing is that they won’t die.  The template was created by ellinée.  She is brilliant, and you can find her templates (for personal use) here:  I printed off the template found here:  I have created one of these for my Mom for Mother’s Day.  I think she will love it!  This is how I created a paper rose from the template created by ellinée.

Step 1:

Template of rose (printed on copy paper from link above)
6” skewer
Double stick tape (you may use hot glue or just glue)
Green stem wrapping tape (not shown)
White glue (not shown)

Step 2:

Once you have the template printed off, cut out all of the pieces.

Step 3:

Use the skewer to curl the upper most right and left corners toward the unprinted side of the paper petals.  Do this too all the petals of the flower.

Step 4:

Ellinée numbered all of the petal groups in the order they are to be attached to the skewer. 

Step 5:

Use the double stick tape to stick on the front of the first petal, stick to the skewer, curling it around the blunt end of the skewer.

Step 6:

Do the same thing with the next two petals.  Place them around skewer in a staggered manner.

Step 7:

For the next 4 groups of petals, put the double stick tape on the printed side of the petal group, on the tab the sticks out on the bottom.  

Step 8:

Put the petal groups together to form a circle of petals.

Step 9:

Put a drop of white glue in the very center of the petal group.  Stick the sharp end of the skewer through the center of the petal group and push it up against the 3 previous petals.  Space the petals randomly around the previous petals. 

Step 10:

Repeat with the last 3 groups.

Step 11:

Take the green leaf stems and fold each leaf in half.  Again, put a drop of white glue in the very center of the leaf group.  Stick the sharp end of the skewer through the center of the leaf group and push it up against the previous petals.

Step 12:

Take the green stem wrapping tape, and stretch the tape, (this will allow the tape to stick to itself.) 

Step 13:

Start wrapping the tape around the skewer start up under the flower petals.

Step 14:

And wrap down to the sharp tip.

Step 15:

You are done.  It’s beautiful!  You can put in a vase or stick it in some floral foam or cut off the skewer and use it to decorate a gift package.  Enjoy!
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