Introduction: How to Create a Recessed Audio/Video Pier for a Wall Mounted TV

The only good place for the TV was on the wall above the fireplace which has a awkward shape.
The problem was where I'm going to put the components Receiver, Cable Box, Blu Ray Player, etc.
A regular Audio Pier would obstruct the fireplace.
The solution: a recessed Audio/Video Pier/ Shelves for all my TV components.
The first  picture is AFTER and the second picture is BEFORE.

The fireplace needs new surround and hearth, but that is going to be another Instructable:)))

This project was inspired from the member SantaB Instructable: .
Many thanks to SantaB for his well done Instructable.

Step 1: Check the Location Where the A/V Pier Is Going to Be Be Installed.

The wall is deep, so I decide to build it 16" deep by 21" wide by 60" high.
With a Drywall Saw cut a hole and  check for obstructions, pipes, etc in the wall.
I had a stud in the middle which was not a load bearing one, and the power outlet and the coaxial cable could be easily relocated.
The only problem was a gas pipe for the fireplace which was moved by a Licensed Plumber in less than an hour.

Step 2: Building the Audio/Video Pier/Shelves


-(3) 16"x96"x3/4" glued pine boards
-1/2" plywood for the back (I wanted to be very sturdy)
-(3) 2x4 lumber
-2ft x 2ft piece of drywall for repairing the wall in the next step
-Styrofoam insulation for the next step
-wood screws
-shelf pins
-brad nails
-wood primer


-circular saw
-miter box
-tape ruler
-13/4" hole saw for cutting the holes in the back of the shelves for routing the wires in between components
-peg board  for drilling the holes for the adjustable shelves, check pictures 5 and 6.

Step 3: Cutting the Wall, Making the Frame and Install the Audio Pier

I cut the wall and the stud in the center.After that using 2x4 pieces I made a base and insulated it with Styrofoam because the bottom shelf is going to hold the Subwoofer from the surround sound.
Also I added a piece of 2x4 on the top.
Using a jigsaw I cut the opening for the recessed power outlet  and cable access(you will see that in the next step).
Using wood screws I attached the Audio/Video Pier to the frame.Be sure you counter sink the screws, and use wood filler to cover the holes.
Also I Installed  the drywall with screws.

OFF TOPIC: Also in this step I demo the ugly tile surround of the fireplace.I plan to replace the surround and the hearth with granite.

Step 4: Trim and Finishing

I primed and paint the trim and the Audio/Video Pier.Using a Miter Box I cut the trim at 45 degree angle and installed it using brad nails.
After that I used wood filler for the holes and touch it up with paint.
I ran the wires( HDMI, speakers  wire, power) through the wall and in the Audio Pier( check photos).
Now is ready to be loaded up!

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