Introduction: How to Create a Resume

Materials Needed:
Compose a list of the following

-Contact Info (Name, Phone Number, Address, Email)
-Education (Name of University, GPA)
-Work Experience (Dates of employment, Supervisor’s information, Duties Performed)
-Useful skills that pertain to the position you are applying before (Language Proficiency, Studying abroad)
-Laptop/ Computer
-Microsoft Word
-Space to save completed resume

After this process, the user will have a finished resume to send out to prospective employers

To Start:

1) Gather all materials from the above list and have them in front of you
2) Open up your laptop and click on Microsoft Word
3) Choose ‘File’ in the top, left corner of your screen
4) Scroll down to ‘New Blank Document’ and select it

5) Type in your full name in a larger font than will be used for the rest of the resume (we recommend Times New Roman, 16-point)
6) Highlight and bold your name

Next, we will be adding in a line under your name to help break up your resume and make it easier for employers to read

7) Place your cursor in front of your name
8) Click the ‘Page Layout’ tab at the top
9) Select ‘Page Borders’
10) Click the ‘Borders’ tab on the left
11) Click ‘None’ under ‘Setting’
12) Select a line style
13) Under ‘Preview’ de-select all border options (top, left, right) so only the bottom border is  selected
14) Select ‘OK’
Now we will be adding a text box to include the rest of your contact information

15) Click a blank space to the far right of your name, above the border line
16)Click the ‘Insert’ tab on the top of your document
17) Select ‘Text Box’
18) Choose a text box
19) Adjust the size of the text box to fit your remaining contact information
20) Right click the edge of the text box and select ‘Format’
21) Select ‘Colors and Lines’
22) Set ‘Fill Color’ to ‘No Fill’
23) Set ‘Line Color’ to ‘No Color’
24) Adjust the box as needed
25) At the top of your document, click 'Arrange' 
26) Scroll down and select 'Wrap Text
27) Select 'Behind Text'

For the purpose of this process, we will be inserting information chronological from experience, education, and skills

Creating Categories

25) Type out the heading ‘Work Experience’ in a 14-point font and bolded
26) Type in your work experience in 12-point font, starting with your most recent employment. Include dates of employment. Use bullet points to separate responsibilities at the workplace
27) Repeat steps 25-26 for each other category (Education, followed by Skills)

Final Product

28) Your final product should look similar to the picture below
29) Scroll to the bottom of the document 
30) Hit the 'Underscore' key on your keyboard (_) to create a line going across the bottom of the page
31) Type the line 'References available upon request'

You now have a resume to send out to potential employers. Good Luck!!!

Additional Tips:
* Keep information short and sweet--your potential employers don’t want to read a novel.
* Use keywords relating to your job, so your resume appears in searches by relevant employers
* Keep your information in uniform format--left aligned, standard font (Times New Roman, Arial, Verdana are recommended).
* It would be in your best interest to research the jobs you apply for so you can tailor your resume information to the specific job.