Introduction: How to Create a Rose From a Napkin

The steps to easily take a napkin and fold it into a rose

Step 1:

Unfold napkin entirely.

Step 2:

Grab from one end of the napkin and place between the crux of your thumb and your index finger.

(Choose any corner)

Step 3:

Begin wrapping around fingers, an additional finger per wrap to create the petals.(clockwise or counterclockwise is up to the user.)

Step 4:

Once you have run out of paper napkin, to rotate around fingers, pinch at the tips of your fingers forming the base of the rose before removing fingers from the rose in order to begin forming the stem.

Step 5:

Continue twisting the base pinching gently (to avoid ripping the rose)

Step 6:

Around a quarter of the way down you can grab a corner of the napkin and again, gently pull it out to form the leaves of the rose.

Step 7:

Fold back the corner away from the stem

Step 8: Pinch About 3 Inches Below the Corner

Step 9: Pinch That Point to the Stem

Step 10:

Once you have the leaf out, nice and diamond like, continue to pinch and twist the rose all the way down the stem.

Step 11: This Is What the Final Result Should Look