Introduction: How to Create a Simple Elegant Dread Updo

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Sometimes it's hard to figure out how to style dreadlocks for a formal event, but never fear! Doctored Locks is here! In this video Doc will show you how to do a simple, but classy updo with dreadlocks.

For this tutorial you will need:

  • 3 large pony tail holders
  • 4 hair pins (or more for stability)
  • Awesome sauce dreads.

Get your supplies and lets get started!

Step 1: Section

Pull all dreadlocks towards the back and split them into 3 equal sections.

Step 2: Twirl

Wind your first section to the right, flipping it up to create a bun. Place a ponytail holder around the bun to secure it.

Step 3: Tuck

Wind the tail ends around the bun and tuck them into the ponytail holder.

Step 4: Repeat

Repeat this process for the other two sections.

Step 5: Secure

Connect the first two buns by centering a hair pin between the two,catching hair from both and inserting the pin straight up. Repeat the process with a second pin in the downward direction. Combine the remaining two buns using the same process. Tuck in any dread ends for a smooth, finished style.

Step 6: Bask in the Glory

Look at you, all classy and awesome.