Introduction: How to Create a Simple Logo in Indesign

By: Alyssa White, Joanne Fong, and Hannah Barre

-InDesign 2015

-Computer and mouse

-Optional: pen and paper for sketches

Time to complete: under 10 minutes


Before creating a logo, it is important to understand the basic C.R.A.P design principles (contrast, repetition, alignment, and proximity). Contrast gives the image diversity and makes it more interesting and visually appealing. Repetition repeats visual design elements throughout, keeping consistency. Alignment connects and orders design elements, which makes the image sophisticated and clean. And lastly, proximity groups related design elements together, achieving a sense of organization.


Many startup business’ need to create an image for themselves, and to accomplish this, the business needs an appealing and recognizable logo. These instructables will cover the basics on how to create a logo in Adobe InDesign. They are intended for beginning marketers/startup businesses. The goal for these instructions is to provide a cheap and affordable way to create a logo without hiring a separate party to do so.


There is no previous skill with Adobe InDesign that is required for this tutorial. The instructions will walk anyone with any skill base, regardless of knowledge of InDesign. There is a 7 day trial if money is an issue, or one must pay monthly, $19.99, for the program. Both these options are available on Adobe’s online site (

Step 1: Brainstorm Ideas for a Company Logo

Consider: company mission, target audience, simplicity, uniqueness, and adaptability

Colors and font: these can portray your company in a certain way

Blue=trust and sense of security

Red=Strength and used in food industry

Yellow=youthfulness and grabs attention

Step 2: Launch Adobe InDesign

Step 3: Create a New Document File

File > New > Document
Set Document Preset to [Custom] and set Width and Height to 40p0

Step 4: Press W on Your Keyboard to Delete the Page Border

Step 5: Right Click on the Rectangle Tool. Click and Drag Your Cursor to Create a Rectangle

Step 6: Click on the Selection Tool in Order to Deselect the Frame Tool That Was Used in Step 5

Step 7: Use the Color Option to Fill in the Shape With the Color of Your Choice

Use the C, M, Y, and K panel bars to adjust shading and tone

Step 8: Click on the Type Tool Located on the Left Hand Side Toolbar and Drag Your Cursor to Create the Desired Textbox Size

Step 9: Type Desired Text and Use the Text Options to Change the Font Type and Font Size.

Step 10: Use the “align Center” Button to Center the Text

*Note: Make sure that the text is selected not the rectangle

Step 11: Click on the Selection Tool

Step 12: Click on the Rectangle, and Go to “Object” Then “Corner Options”

Step 13: A Window Prompt Like This Will Pop Up. Click the Border Icon to Choose a Border Style You Wish to Use.

*Note: Do NOT click on the OK button yet

Step 14: Click on the Up and Down Arrows to Control How Rounded Your Shape Will Be.

*Note: Check the preview box to view the changes

Step 15: Save Your Logo by Clicking “File” and “Export”. Name Your File and Under “Save Item Type” Select Adobe PDF.

Congratulations! You finished and created your logo!