Introduction: How to Create a Space Ship

I will be showing how to make a space ship.



-cylinder -torus -spheres -cones. -paraboloid -Wedge.

Step 1: Making the Spaceship Body.

1. Place a sphere on the workplane. Scale it up equally on all axes to 30mm.

-Place a paraboloid and a box on the workplane.

-Make the paraboloid diameter and the height to 30mm. Make the box it into a hole.

- Align both of the box and the paraboloid on the center.

-Move the box up so that it cut a half sphere from the top of the paraboloid. Once the box is in placed group it with the paraboloid.

-Align the combined shape with the sphere. Move the combined shape up so that the base halfway up the sphere and group it.

Escape pod.

- place another paraboliod in the workplane and move it above the space ship body. Then align the 2 shapes on the x and y axis.

-Scale the escape pod by a diameter of 10mm and the height as 15mm

Nose cap and divider.

-place a torus on the work plane.

- align the escape pod and the torus from the x and y axis.

-move the torus 63mm up

-place a cone on the workplane and rotate it either on the x or y axis so the pointy part looks down.

-put a paraboliod onto the base of the cone.

- Aline the cone and the paraboliod by the x and y axis.

-Group the 2 shapes together to make the nose cap.

-Aline the escape pod and the nose cap on the x and y axis

-Move the Nose Cap up on the Z axis about 22mm

-scale the nose cap to about 22mm

-change everything to about the same color.

- Make a large circle and move it to the workplane.

-Scale the sphere down so it fits like the image

Step 2: Making the Wings for Your Space Ship

2. Place a sphere on the workplane. Scale it down to 2mm on the Z axis

-Scale the sphere on the Y axis 40mm.

-Rotate the sphere 90 degrees on the X axis.

-Rotate the sphere counter-clockwise on the Y axis 22.5 degrees.

-scale on the X axis until the wing is about 25mm

-align the wing with the space ship body on x and y axis.

-Move the wing on the X axis until it touches the Divider.

-select the wing a duplicate it and move the duplicate around the x axis to the other side of the space ship.

-With the copies Wing selected, choose Adjust>Mirror. Choose the arrows that will mirror the wings along the X axis.

-Move the Wing on the X axis until it touches the Divider. Select both wings and group them together.

-Position the camera so that you are looking down on the spaceship. With the grouped wings select, hold ALT and rotate on the Z axis by 90 degrees. Holding ALT will create a duplicate of the group.

-Select all of the wings and rotate them 45 degrees on the Z axis

Creating wings for the escape pod.

-Select all of the wings made in the last Step. Holding ALT, Move them up on the Z axis about 32mm.

-Holding SHIFT, scale the wings down to 15mm equally.

-Move the Escape Pod wings up on the Z axis until they touch the nose cap.

-Position the camera so that you are looking down on the spaceship. Rotate the Escape Pod wings 45 degrees on the Z axis.

Step 3:

-Place a cylinder on the workplane.

-scale the cylinder's diameter to 10mm by 10mm and 4mm tall.

-duplicate the cylinder and change it into a hole and make sure they are aligned.

-scale the cylinder hole down to 9mm.

-Move the hole cylinder down so that it rests inside the solid cylinder.-

- make a duplicate of the hole cylinder can change the color to orange.

-Group the orange cylinder and hole cylinder together.

-Move the yellow cylinder down into the orange cylinder.

-Make a duplicate of the window and move it off to the side.

-change the color of the of the other window from yellow to black

Adding windows to space ship.

-choose a window and group them together.

-With the grouped window selected, use CTRL+C to copy the window. Then pick the location you want the window to be at using the workplane.

-After the grid turns orange paste a copy of the window.

-make changes or sizes of the windows to your preference and see if it will fit.

Step 4: Building the Legs

-place a cylinder on the workplane and scale the the z axis by 4mm.

-rotate the cylinder by 90 degrees on the y axis.

-rotate the cylinder 45 degrees counter clockwise on the z axis.

-make sure the wings on the space ship is ungrouped

-Align the cylinder to the wing on the right of the door

-align and select the wing to have the cylinder move toward the wing.cen

-center the cylinder on the y and x axis.

-Move the cylinder up 19mm.

-Switch to the workplane tool. Choose a side of the cylinder

-place a wedge on the chosen side

-scale it 2mm on the y axis.

-scale it 8mm on the x axis

-Switch to the Workplane tool and choose the side of the wedge.

-drag the point of the wedge to the ground and the ground is the line where the orange grid turns grey

-change the color of the cylinder and leg and group them together

-move a copy to the other side of the spaceship.

-mirror to flip the leg in the opposite direction.

-With the two legs selected, hold alt to rotate copies 90 degrees on the z axis.

Step 5: