How to Create a Space Ship

Introduction: How to Create a Space Ship

-Place a sphere on the workplane and scale it equally to 30mm.

-Place a paraboloid and a box on the workplane.

-Scale the paraboloid up to 30mm. Make the box a whole.

-Align the paraboloid and the box so that they are centered. Also choose the top tab along the height.

-Move the box up about half way of the sphere on the top portion. Once the box is in place, group it with paraboloid.

-Align the combined shape with the sphere. Move the combined shape up so that the base is halfway up the sphere. This is the main body of the rocket. Make them the same color.

-Press "W" to switch onto the Workplane Tool and select the top of the Living Quarters.

-Place a paraboloid above the Living Quarters. The new paraboloid will be the Escape Pod. Select all objects and align them so they are centered.

-Scale the Escape Pod so it is 10mmx10mm. Scale the height to about 15mm.

-To make the Divider, place a torus on the wrokplane.

-Select both the torus and escape pod, and align them together.

-Move the Divider up to about 63mm.

-Select the large sphere of the Living Quarters. Create a duplicate, and move one of the spheres towards the front of the workplane.

-Scale down the door so it fits, the door doesn't have to be a perfect sphere. Rotating the sphere can also help it to fit.

Step 1: Creating Wings for the Space Ship

-Place a sphere on the workplane and scale it down the height to 2mm.

-Scale the sphere on the y axis to 40mm.

-Rotate the sphere 90 degrees on the x axis.

-Rotate the sphere -22.5 degrees.

-Using the black handle, scale the x axis until the wing is about 25mm.

-Align the wing to the Living Quarters, centering the x and y axis.

-Move the wing on the x axis until it touches the Divider.

-Select the wing and duplicate it. Holding SHIFT, move the duplicate along the x axis to the other side of the spaceship.

-With the duplicated Wing mirror the wings along the x axis.

-Move the Wing on the x axis until it touches the Divider. Select both wings and group them.

-Position the camera so you are looking down on the spaceship. With the grouped wings selected, hold ALT and rotate the z axis by 90 degrees.

-Select all of the wings and rotate them 45 degrees on the z axis.

-Select all of the wings made in the last steps holding ALT, Move them up about 32mm.

-Holding SHIFT, scale the wings down to 15mm equally.

-Move the Escape Pod wings up on the z axis until they touch the Nose Cap.

-Position the camera so that you are looking down on the spaceship. Rotate the Escape Pod wings 45 degrees on the z axis.

Step 2: Adding Windows to Your Spaceship

-Place a Cylinder on the workplane.

-Scale the cylinder down to about 10mm diameter, and 4mm tall.

-Duplicate the cylinder and turn it into a hole. Make sure that the two cylinders share the same center.

-Scale the hole cylinder down to 9mm.

-Move the hole cylinder down so that it rests inside the solid cylinder. Make a duplicate of the hole cylinder and change it's color to yellow.

-Group the orange cylinder and hole cylinder together.

-Move the yellow cylinder down into the orange cylinder. The yellow cylinder should be below the surface of the orange cylinder.

-Make a duplicate of the window and move it off to the side. Change the color of the second one from yellow to black. Now you have a window with the lights on and off.

-Choose which type of window you wish to use, on or off. Select and group those objects together.

-With the grouped window selected, use CTRL+C to copy the window. Press W to switch to the Workplane Tool and pick the first location you want a window to be.

-After the grid turns orange, use CTRL+V to paste a copy of the window.

-Make changed to the size or position of the window as you like.

-Repeat the precious steps until your spaceship has enough windows. Place windows around the Living Quarters and the Escape Pod.

Step 3: Making the Legs for the Spaceship

-Place a Cylinder on the workplane and scale the height down to 4mm.

-Rotate the cylinder 90 degrees on the y axis.

-Rotate the cylinder 45 degrees counter clockwise on the z axis.

-Make sure the Living Quarter's wings are ungrouped. Align the cylinder to the wing on the right of the door. Center the cylinder on the x and y axis.

-Move the cylinder up 19mm.

-Switch to the workplane tool. Choose a side of the cylinder close to the one shown.

-Place a wedge on the side chosen.

-Using the black handle, hold ALT and scale to 2m

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