Introduction: How to Create a Website

The internet is a great way  to get information. If you want to use the internet display  your own information, you need  to learn how to create a website. These are instructions on how to use simple HTML to create a website.

Materials Needed:
3.Text editor

Step 1: Create a New File

1. Go to to download notepad++ and then install it .  Create a new file in a text editor by clicking file->new after you have installed notepad++.
Notepad++ is a text editor use for writing programming languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Step 2: Add HTML Code

2. In your file, write the html code displayed in the picture. Make sure all the opening HTML tags have closing HTML tags. Refer to the example below for more information about HTML tags.
Ex: Opening tags looks like this <html> closing tags looks like this </html>.
All websites has three main opening  and closing  tags <html> <head> </head><body> </body> </html>that divides the webpage into sections where information can be displayed.

Step 3: Save the File As a HTML File

3. Click file->Save As to name and save your  file. Save your file as a HTML file by ending your file name with .html. Refer to the example below for better understanding.
Ex: Web.html.
HTML is a scripted programming language and the code must be interpreted by a browser. Saving your file as a HTML  file informs the computer that this file should be opened in a browser.

Step 4: Display Your Website

4. Find your file by migrating to the folder in which you saved your file. Locate your file and then double click on it.
Your web page should display in a browser after you click on it.

Step 5: Finish! Now Find More Information and Add More Features.

5. Feel free to add new content to your website. Use Google to search for information about creating websites.
All the information you need to create a website is available online for free. is good source to learn how to add different features to your website.