Introduction: How to Create a Free Domain ( , in Blogger With

Click This Link >>

Step 1: Insert Your Domain

1) Insert your domain, like on picture
2) after entering the name
3) Click "check availability"

Step 2: Check Availability

4) after clicking the "Check Availability" and will appear as shown
5) Click the "Continue to registration"

Step 3: Registration

6) after Clicking the "Continue to registration"
7) and will appear like this
8) if you do not already have an account, you can register here > click here for register

Step 4:

9)   if the domain is still available, then your domain is successfully registered, such as the picture below
10) and the next, Click "Setup"

Step 5: Setup the Name Server

11) enter this words:
Name server 1 :
Name server 2 :
12) Click Setup

Step 6: And Setup Zone Record

12) Enter this Word:
Host : *
TTL  : 1D

* : enter the domain that you have created
13) and Click ''Setup"

Step 7: Create Your Website in Blogger Using a Domain That Has Been Made

Make a Website:
1) Login to
2) go to blogs that have been made
3) and next, go to Setting > Other > Publishing
4) Click " + Add a Custom Domain > Switch to advanced settings
5) enter the domain that you have created, and click save
Finally, try to access yours blog

Step 8: Finally, Try to Access Yours Blog