Introduction: How to Create an Everyday Smokey Eye


· Eyeshadow Primer

· FOUR quality eyeshadows: a white or light cream color, a light grey, a charcoal, and a black

· FIVE eyeshadow brushes: 2 Eye Blender Brushes, 1 Eye Contour Brush, 1 Contoured Blending Brush, and 1 Flat Blending Brush

· Liquid Eyeliner in Black

· False Lashes

· Lash Glue

· Tweezers

· Mascara

Step 1:

Make sure your eyes and face are good and clean. You want to provide yourself with a nice and clean “canvas” to work with as your makeup will go on much smoother and blend easier.

Step 2:

Use your finger to apply your eyeshadow primer to your entire eyelid,
from the lash line up to your brow.

Step 3:

Use one of the Eye Blender Brushes and dip into the white/light cream color eyeshadow, tap off the access product, and then brush color over entire lid.

Step 4:

Dip the Eye Contour Brush into your grey shadow color, tap off excess product and apply only to the crease of your eye. Use the second Eye Blender Brush to blend out the grey, making light and tight circular motions. The goal of this look is to not have any harsh or defined shadow lines

Step 5:

Take your Contoured Blending Brush and dip into the charcoal color. Once again, tap off the excess and only apply to the crease of your eye. Take the second Eye Blender Brush and repeat the blending process.

Step 6:

Take the Flat Blending Brush and dip into your black color. Tap off the excess, and apply to the outer corner of your eye.

Step 7:

Take the Eye Blender Brush and continue to blend out using light, circular motions. You will blend until all harsh lines are gone.

Step 8:

Use your liquid eyeliner to create a smooth, small winged look. Gently pull your eye out and draw a line that starts from just outside of your natural eye line and pull it down to the inner corner of your eye.

Step 9:

Get your false lashes ready (I’m using Demi Wispies by Ardell), hold them up to your eye to make sure they don’t need to be trimmed down to fit your eye. Apply your lash glue to the lash strip focusing on the outside edges of the lash strip (Using Black glue by Duo), allow the glue to dry for about 30 seconds before applying to your eye.

Step 10:

Use your tweezers to push the lashes down towards your natural lash line to make look more natural.

Step 11:

After allowing the glue to dry, finish the look by applying mascara. This will help to push your lashes into the fake ones, looking more natural.

Step 12:

Use the flat blending brush to create a slight smokey look underneath the eye. Use your black eyeliner on the water line, and finish off applying mascara to the bottom lashes.