Introduction: How to Create an Easy But Working Catapult-GMod

This instructable will show you how to build a catapult in GMod.

Step 1: Base

1st spawn a base. it has to be pretty big.

Step 2: Arms

SPawn 2 long stick like props and motor (make the torque at 1000 so it can go far) the them to the center of the base do this on the other side to

Step 3: Holder Thingys

now spawn to props that could be used as a holding bin. easy weld them to the pillars.

Step 4: Ropes

get the holders into this position and rope the bottom to the ground

Step 5: Projectiles

spawn some bouncy balls in the bins and ignite them

Step 6: Hit the Launch Buttons

do it just press the button that is set as your forward