Introduction: How to Create and Edit a Video in Premiere

This is a basic guide on how to create and edit a video in Adobe Premiere Elements 8.0.

Step 1: Getting Your Video Into Premiere

As soon as you open up Adobe Premiere Elements 8.0 you'll want to start a new project. Once you're into the program, you should start with the media tab on the right. You're going to want to click on get media that's right next to the media tab.

Step 2: Finding Your Video

To get your video, select one of the devices you've connected to import the video or click on the PC Files and Folders icon to browse your PC for your video.

Step 3: Editing Your Video

Alright, once your video loads into Premiere, you will want to drag it into the big empty box on the left. This will put the video into the editor and allow you to edit your video. Once you do this, play your video and let it run for a bit. This will allow the video to fully render so that when you play it, it doesn't stutter.

Step 4: Editing Your Video Continued

Now depending on what you want to do, there is quite a variety of tools for you to use. For starters, the clip tool is just on the bottom right corner of the video you're editing. With this you can split the video from the point that you've chosen and add text.

Step 5: Transition Scenes

In between the clips on the bottom, there are small transition arrows that allow you to put transition scenes in between the clips. To do this, click on Edit in the top right corner and select the Transitions tab. From here you can choose what kind of transition scene you want.

Step 6: Adding Text to Your Screen

To add some text to your screen, on the top left corner, click on Titles and then select the type of text you want. When you select one, editing options should appear on the right. From there you can change your font size and font.

Step 7: Adding Music to Your Video

Adding music to your music is only a little different than getting your video. Once you import your music file in, drag it to the bottom of the program where you'll see a little music icon. From there, you can adjust it and line it up with the right parts of the video that you want it in.