How to Create and Insert a Table and Add Additional Columns And/or Rows to That Table in Microsoft Office Word 2007

Introduction: How to Create and Insert a Table and Add Additional Columns And/or Rows to That Table in Microsoft Office Word 2007

Have you ever had a lot of data you are working with and thought to yourself..."how can I make all of this data look better and be easier to understand?" If so, then a table in Microsoft Office Word 2007 may be your answer.

Step 1: Disclaimer

There are multiple ways to create, insert, and edit a table in Microsoft Office Word 2007; this Instructable is the way I, as the author, prefer to perform those steps. This process is being completed on a Hewlett Packard (HP) laptop utilizing the Windows 10 operating system.

Step 2: Introduction

To better show data (such as numbers, days, etc.) graphically and to ensure the data is easily readable and can be analyzed the use of a table can be very helpful. A table can take data and make it easier to understand by organizing the data.

Step 3: List of Materials

  • Laptop
  • Laptop power cord
  • Microsoft Office Word 2007 software
  • Mouse (if choose to use one)
  • Data to be entered into table
  • Basic knowledge of computer skills such as:
    • “left-clicking” and “right-clicking” using a mouse or the laptop buttons
    • Using the scrolling bar
    • Expanding folders
    • Highlighting cells/text
    • Basic formatting skills such as bolding and centering text
    • Etc.

Step 4: Getting Started

  • Turn laptop on. For this Instructable a HP laptop is used and the power button is located on the top of the keyboard in the upper left corner.
    • Allow time for the laptop to power up and go through any updates, security protocols, etc.

Step 5: Laptop Powered Up

  • Once the laptop is powered up, log onto the laptop.
    • If using your personal laptop then enter your information, if you have trouble logging in contact the laptop manufacturer.
    • If using a work laptop then follow all applicable procedures and policies regarding logging into the laptop. If you have trouble logging in, contact your company’s IT (Information Technology) department.

Step 6: Opening the Microsoft Office Word 2007 Software

  • Locate and open the Microsoft Office Word 2007 software on the laptop by double-clicking on the icon.
    • If the icon is not located on the desktop of the computer click on the Windows icon in the bottom left corner of the screen.
      • Then utilize the list on the left side of the pop-up that is in alphabetical order using the scroll bar located on the right side.
  • If the Word software was purchased as part of the larger package Microsoft Office then you would need to locate Microsoft Office in the list, expand that list and then click on Microsoft Office Word 2007 to open the software.

Step 7: Software Open

  • Once you open the Word software, it will automatically open to a blank document with the cursor in the upper left corner of the page. You can also insert a table into an already created word document that has text already on it.
    • Wherever the cursor is located is where the table will be inserted.

Step 8: Inserting a Table

  • Locate the cursor in the location you would like to insert the table.
  • Click on the “Insert” ribbon to show the Insert commands.
  • Click on the small arrow located below the Table button to expand the button options. There are various options you can use.
  • To insert a quick table that you can edit later, hover over the boxes on the top of the options drop down.
    • The more boxes you highlight horizontally will create the columns in your table.
    • The more boxes you highlight vertically will create the rows in your table.
    • For example, if you’d like to create a table with 3 columns and 4 rows you would highlight a 3x4 table.

Step 9: Table Inserted

  • At this point the software will insert the table.
    • You may start to insert your data and using common formatting procedures you may bold, change font, center, etc. any text you insert into the table, such as headers.
    • In this example I have added headers into the columns, centered and bolded the text. To do all of this at one time I have highlighted the cells and then performed the formatting.

Step 10: Adding Columns And/or Rows

  • If you decide that you need to expand your table and need additional columns or rows:
    • Locate your cursor in an adjacent column or row to where you’d like to add the additional column or row.
    • Right-click to show the drop-down and hover over the “insert” command.
    • The next layer of drop-downs will appear and show various commands such as “Insert Columns to the Right” or “Insert Rows Below”. You may choose whichever option fits the data you are working with.

Step 11: Final Product

  • At this point you have created/edited a table to show your data.
    • This example is a table created to show the state capitals, population as of 2018, and year the state entered the union of the state I live in (MN) and the surrounding 4 states.

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