Introduction: How to Create Your Own Leggings

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Simple steps to make this stylish pair of leggings in different colors and combine with other clothes! On the next tutorial I'll show you how to make the top! :)

You will need.

Fabric: Lycra
Elastic band
Sewing Machine
Tape measure

Step 1: First Step

With the help of a legging or pant you may have.

Fold the legging like you see in the pictures and also the fabric.

Mark on the fabric the shape to make the pattern. You can do it short o a longer like I do.

Once you draw the shape pin it and cut the excedent.

This will be the first leg. :)

Step 2: Second Step

Follow the same instructions as the previous step, but this time use the other side to make it accurate.

Then sew the inside part of the legging, like you can see in the pictures. :)

Step 3: Third Step

Now very carefully unite with pin the crotch part and sew.

Then do the hem and sew the end of the legging.

Measure from the side to the center to do the clamp (measure: 10 cm).

Pin it and mark to use as guide and sew.

For the last part: Do a hem on the waist of the legging, put the elastic band as you can see in the pictures and sew.

And you're done! ;)