Introduction: How to Crochet

How to create your very own granny square. Beginner crochet project.

Step 1: Slip Knot

Make a know with the yarn and attach to the hook.
Allow for little wiggle room on the hook, but not to much to where it can fall off.

Step 2: Create a Chain

Continue pulling to yarn through the loop to create a chain. This will be the first row of the granny square.

Step 3: Lengthening Granny Square

Turn the chain around. Enter the closest loop to the hook. Attach the yarn to the hook and pull through. You should now have two loops attached to the hook. Attach the yarn to the hook and pull through once again so that you are only left with one loop on the hook. Continue until the end of the row and turn around again. Continue until the desired size of granny square.

Step 4: Ending You Granny Square.

Cut the end of the yarn, leaving a short tail. Creat a knot that atta he's to the last hoop you completed. This allows for your crochet to not come undone.