Introduction: How to Crochet a Bracelet

Here's an inexpensive thing to make that have very easy steps to crocheting a bracelet.


  1. Crocheting Hook
  2. Crochet Yarn

Step 1: How to Start Off...

  1. Get a piece of the yarn then do a slip knot.
  2. Put it on the crochet hook and pull both ends of the yarn tight.

Step 2: Next...

The next steps are pretty simple!

  1. Grab the yarn that is still connected to the rest of the yarn.
  2. Go around the hook counter clockwise.
  3. Drag the yarn down with the hook into the loop and out.
  4. Repeat step 4 until the yarn can go around your wrist.

Step 3: After That...

Once the yarn goes around your wrist, it's time to make your bracelet thicker!

  1. Make another extra loop.
  2. With the loops you were doing before, put the hook in one loop.
  3. Get a piece of yarn and go around the hook counterclockwise.
  4. Pull it under the loop then get a piece of yarn and go around the hook again.
  5. Again get a piece of yarn and do the same thing to the other loop.
  6. Continue these steps until the bracelet is thicker.