Introduction: How to Crochet a Magic Circle

A Magic Circle is the first step in creating a circular crochet pattern. It's often used in the creation of hats, stuffed animals, and other rounded things. But how can you get started on a pattern if you don't know how to make a Magic Circle?


You'll need at least one skein of yarn and a crochet hook that matches the width of that yarn.
(You can find yarn-to-hook sizes on the yarn label).

For this example a 6 mm hook, otherwise known as a J-10 hook, was used.

Step 1: Hold the Yarn

Hold the yarn between your thumb and first few fingers.

Step 2: Create a Loop

Create a loop with your yarn, this will create a tail at the end of the loop. Insert crochet hook under loop and tail.

Step 3: Hook the Yarn and Pull It Under the Tail and Loop

Move the remaining yarn strand over the crochet hook, then pull the yarn under the tail and loop, it should tighten around the hook.

Step 4: Create One Double Crochet (DC)

Now it's time to create a Double Crochet (DC)

Pull the yarn over the hook and insert the hook under the tail and loop again.

Pull the yarn over the hook a second time and pull it back under the tail and loop.

Step 5: Check Your Hook

At this point you should have three rings of yarn on your crochet hook.

Step 6: Pull the Yarn Under the First Two Rings

Pull the yarn over the hook and pull it under the first two rings, do NOT go through the third ring.

Step 7: Check Your Hook

At this point you should have only two rings on the hook.

Step 8: Pull the Yarn Through the Remaining Rings

Just like the previous step, pull the yarn over the hook and pull it through the final two rings, you should only have one ring remaining.

This is your first double crochet (DC)

Step 9: Repeat Steps 3-7

Steps 3 - 7 creates one Double Crochet (DC), repeat these steps as many times as desired, 12 DC were used in the example.

Hold onto the Double Crochets in one hand, and lightly pull the tail until the first and last DC become close.

Step 10: Complete the Circle

Insert your hook into the first Double Crochet.

Pull the yarn over the hook and back out of the Double Crochet, your magic circle is now connected and completed!