How to Crochet the Chain Stitch

Introduction: How to Crochet the Chain Stitch

Hi everyone! How are you today? I hope that you're having a great day =)

In today's tutorial i want to demonstrate for you, how to make a basic crochet stitch called Chain Stitch. This stitch is a must when you're learning Crochet because it's one o the most used (in fact, I can't think in a pattern where you don't use it) but the best of all: it isn't complicated at all.

So, let's begin! ^_^

Step 1: Video Tutorial

*** TIMELINE ***

0:00 Introduction

0:26 Tutorial

1:38 Slow-motion

2:33 Tips & Tricks

3:22 Ending

Step 2: Phototutorial: STEP 01

To start working our Chain Stitch, we must have a Slip Knot, which is a basic crochet technique, if you don’t know how to make it, click here to see the Instructable about it.

Step 3: Phototutorial: STEP 02

Once we have our Slip Knot, to begin our stitch, we’re going to Yarn Over, remember, this means that we have to put our yarn over the hook.

Step 4: Phototutorial: STEP 03

Now, we are going to pull the hook through the loop or chain that is already on the hook and we finish, now you have your first chain stitch.

Remember, to make the chain stitch, Yarn Over and pull the hook through the loop that was already on the hook.

To have more information about this stitch as well as tips & tricks please watch the video tutorial =)

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    5 years ago

    Hello, for some reason the video isn't working. I'm using the Instructables app, is that why?


    Reply 5 years ago

    Hi iamCAKE68! (i love your nickname ^_^)

    First of all thank you so much for your visit and comment =).

    Sadly, yes, I think there's a problem with the videos when you try to see them in your cellphone or the Instructables's app, if you want to see the tutorial you can follow the next link:

    It's my channel's playlist for basic crochet stitches =), there you can find the chain stitch tutorial.

    I tried to put the direct link, but it was converted to video, and i thought that wouldn't be really helpful hehe.

    I hope you can watch the video, and hopefully it can be what you're looking for =).

    If you've more doubts, just let me know =)

    Keep having an amazing saturday ^_^