Introduction: How to Crochet the Magic Ring (adjustable Ring, Magic Circle, Magic Loop)

Hi everyone! How are you today? I hope that you're having a great day =D

In today's tutorial i want to demonstrate for you, how to make a basic crochet technique called Magic Ring(a.k.a. magic circle, adjustable ring and magic loop). This technique is used when you have to work in rounds and it's a must when you wanna crochet Amigurumis.

In the video-tutorial i also give you some tips and tricks, don't miss them! =D

Let's begin! ^_^

Step 1: Video Tutorial

*** TIMELINE ***

0:00 Introduction

0:31 Tutorial

3:41 Slow-motion

5:08 Tips & Tricks

6:41 Ending

Step 2: Photo Tutorial / Step 01

To begin the tutorial for our Magic Ring, we’re going to take the yarn with our right hand, and we’re going to put it over four fingers of our left hand, now, with our thumb we are going to press the yarn against our middle finger.

Step 3: Photo Tutorial / Step 02

While we're doing this (pressing the yarn against the middle finger), with our right hand we’re going to take

our yarn and pass it behind four, three, or two of our left hand’s fingers, remember, it depends on how big you want your magic ring to be, and this, it is defined by the amount of stitches that you wanna work on it.

In my case, most of the times i only use two of my fingers when i’m making a magic ring, because the final size is perfect for most of my projects, but like i said, it depends on you and the amount of stitches that you are going to work.

Step 4: Photo Tutorial / Step 03

Once we have decided how big we want our magic ring to be, and that we have surrounded our fingers with the yarn, it is important to notice, that our yarn, the one we are holding with our right hand, it can’t be parallel to the yarn that we are holding with our left hand .

To avoid this to happen, with the yarn of our right hand we’re gonna draw some sort of X in our fingers, to make it, once we have surrounded our fingers with the yarn, we are going to put that piece of yarn, over the yarn that we are holding with our left hand.

Step 5: Photo Tutorial / Step 04

Now, pass the yarn behind the fingers of your left hand and put it between the ring and pinky finger.

Step 6: Photo Tutorial / Step 05

Now take your hook and put it under the piece of yarn that you’re holding with your thumb. With the hook, grab the piece of yarn that's next to it and make a loop.

Step 7: Photo Tutorial / Step 06

Rise up a little bit your ring finger and put the yarn over your hook, now, pass this piece of yarn through the loop on your hook.

And this is all, your Magic Ring is ready and you can start working on it.

For tips, tricks and more info please watch the video ^_^