Introduction: How to Crochet the Slip Stitch

Hi everyone! How are you today? I hope that you're having a great day =)

In today's tutorial i want to demonstrate for you, how to make a basic crochet stitch called Slip Stitch. This stitch is a must when you're working in rounds and the best of all: it isn't complicated at all.

So, let's begin! ^_^

Step 1: Video Tutorial

*** TIMELINE ***

0:00 Introduction

0:31 Tutorial

3:14 Slow-Motion

6:14 Tips & Tricks

6:47 Ending

Step 2: Phototutorial / STEP 01

To begin this tutorial, we must have already a foundation chain, which is one of the most used Crochet techniques when you start a new project and it’s a combination of a Slip Knot and the Chain Stitch, in case that you don’t know how to make the Slip Knot or the Chain Stitch to start your foundation chains, remember that you can find the Instructable for the Slip Knot HERE, and the Instructable for the Chain StitchHERE.

So, once that we have finished the slip knot, we’re going to work 5 chain stitches on it, which are going to be the foundation chains, once that we have the 5 foundation chains needed for this tutorial, we’re going to work one more chain.

Step 3: Phototutorial / STEP 02

Once that we have the extra chain, the next step to follow, it will be to introduce the hook in the second chain from hook, remember, we do not count the loop or chain that is already on the hook as the first chain, because it’s our "working chain".

So, we pass to the next one and count one and two, and in the second chain we’re gonna introduce the hook, yarn over (this means to put the yarn over the hook) and pull the hook through the chain.

By now we should have two loops on our hook.

Step 4: Phototutorial / STEP 03

To finish, we’re going to pull the hook with the same piece of yarn but now through the first loop on our hook, counting from right to left.

And now you have finish your first Slip Stitch =D

Step 5: Phototutorial / STEP 03 (II)

Remember, introduce the hook in the stitch where you wanna work your Slip Stitch, which in my case is a foundation chain, now yarn over, pull the hook through the chain or stitch, and now that you have two loops on your hook, you’re going to grab the same piece of yarn and pass it through the loop on your hook, counting from right to left.

Step 6: Phototutorial / STEP 03 (III)

And this is how our foundation chains looks when we keep working slip stitches on it.

Don't forget to see the video tutorial for tips, tricks and more! =D

Have a great day! ^_^