How to Cuff Jeans




Introduction: How to Cuff Jeans

Looking for a new way to snazzy up your outfit? Add a little style to a nice pair of jeans and stylish sneakers by cuffing you pants. Here are tips and the steps on how to cuff your jeans.

Step 1: Origin of the Cuff

According Levi Strauss, the cuff of the jeans started around 1900 and was used by cowboys and and high school kids as a extra pocket. Cowboys used it to hold tobacco or cigarettes, while high school kids used it to stash candy, pencils, and extra coins.

Step 2: Transformation to Fashion

Levi Strauss also said in the 1960s cuffing jeans disappeared and wasn't brought back until the 1990s in a fashion show making it more street wear. During the 30 years of none jean cuffing it was only seen in movies and tv shows.

Step 3: Gathering the Items

In order to cuff your jeans you will need jean and an iron.

Step 4: Single or Double?

First, decide whether you want to single or double cuff your jeans.

Single cuffing leaves the bottom lining of the jeans showing. It only shows part of the inside pants leg on the cuff line.

Double cuffing completely hiding the bottom lining of the jeans and shows inside of the jeans completely.

Step 5: The Single Cuff

First of you want to take your jeans and iron them. Making sure you knockout all the wrinkles leaving the pants looking crisp.

Step 6: Important of Ironing Your Jeans

Iron your jeans makes you look more presentable. Cuffing your jeans is to make you look fresh and clean, almost like its a new pair of jeans. Therefore wearing jeans that look dingy and wrinkled defeats the purpose.

Step 7: Fold Them Iron Again

Next iron the middle of the cuff to ensure it stays up and looking fresh throughout the day. Be careful ironing making sure to not iron the edges of the parts. Ironing the edge of the parts will result in the pants looking really stiff and creasing of the side of the pants.

Step 8: Double Cuff

If you want your pants double to completely omit the bottom of the jeans lining you must roll once more. After ironing roll the bottom of the jeans up once more so that the lining is at the bottom on the inside fold of the jeans.

Step 9: Iron AGAIN

After roll the jeans for a second time iron the jeans once more as you did before. Again being carefully only ironing the middle of the jeans fold to prevent a hard crease on the outer leg part of the jeans.

Step 10: Add Your Own Flavor

At this point the basic instructions are finished. You can put pants up a little more or roll once more repeating the same process for a tight fitted look or you can let them hang (NOT SAGGING) for a looser baggier fit. Other than add your own flavor, put on a nice pair of shoes, and go and enjoy your day with a new way to wear your jeans.

Step 11: Work Cited

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