Introduction: How to Cure Hiccups

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If you've ever had hiccups you will appreciate this simple cure, which in my experience works about 90% of the time. All that is required is a glass or mug of water and a willing subject.

Step 1: Relax - There Is a Cure for Hiccups.

Fill a glass or mug about 2/3 full of water.

Step 2: Lean Over and Drink From the Wrong Side of the Glass

While standing, lean over so you are facing the floor, and slowly drink the water from the wrong side of the glass, until you have finished or almost finished the glass of water. Don't worry if a few drops of water spill.

Sip slowly and swallow often - it should take you about 30 seconds to completely drink the glass of water. The cure works from a combination of the body position, the slow sips of water, and swallowing while in this position.

Step 3: Hiccups Are Cured!

Yeah! The cure worked!

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