Introduction: How to Custom Paint a Foam Surfboard

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Hey everyone, this is my first instructable so hopefully its comprehensive. I had a Catch Surf Blank Series 8 foot log surfboard that I wanted to put some personal touch too since the board was just white and was getting dirty. I first tried doing one center stripe with some cheap spray paint that didn't work out very well. All the paint just came flaking off and made the board look gross, worn out and old. So I decided to repaint a larger surface with a nicer paint.


For materials, I used

-painters tape

-rustoleum ultra cover paint and primer


-plastic covering or trash bag

-a foam surfboard

*** the paint supplies you can get from a paint store, hardware store or even walmart

Step 1: Prep the Board for Paint

Depending on the design or style you want for your board, you will have to tape it off accordingly. For mine, I wanted an inverted triangle towards the front and a straight edge towards to back. Since you are only painting certain parts of the board, use the tape and plastic/trashbag to cover the rest of the board from getting paint on it. This will allow for sharp lines that will make it look good.

First lay the plastic/trashbag down along the part where you want covered

Second, tape down the plastic/trashbag along the edge, which will make a nice sharp line

Third, repeat for each desired area to be covered

Fourth, tape off the underside edges of the board - this requires some precision so be careful. Just like in the photo, taping the edges of the underside will prevent paint from getting on the smooth bottom plastic part of the board

For my board since I wanted the inverted triangle, I folded the plastic to make a triangle shape and taped it off. You can see in the photos you just line up the apex of the triangle with the center of the board and it should come out alright as long as your triangle is not folded lopsided.

Step 2: Paint and Let Dry

Run your fingers along each tape edge to make sure the tape is flat against the board so no paint leaks through. Once you are all taped off, you should be ready to go. Now following the spray paints directions (shaking the can, drying time, etc), start your painting. Some helpful tips are spray in short bursts to help you be careful and not excessive with the painting. After completely covering the board, check it for missed spots and let it dry!

Step 3: And You Are Done!

After the paint has dried (mine took about 18 hours) you can remove the tape and see your finished product! Now when you use the board some of the paint may rub off but that depends on the use and the type of paint you applied. Enjoy!