Introduction: How to Cut Beeswax Blocks

Beeswax, particularly in block form, is a pain to work with. Cutting the blocks to make easily meltable size pieces can be hazardous. It's also not nice to your cutting tool. I have several beeswax projects I've been trying to get finished but because I haven't wanted to deal with cutting the beeswax, the projects are left in various states of completion.

After a little bit of experimentation, I've found what I think is an easier way to cut up beeswax pieces AND it's pretty quick.

Step 1: BoM

Beeswax blocks (frequently found in 1lb bars)

Knife (I used the knife on a multitool)

Cutting board

Paper towel

Step 2: Cutting Tool

Since receiving my first (and so far only) box of beeswax bars, I've experimented with different ways to chop up the blocks. But all the methods I've tried, either left me with dull and sticky knives or broken graters and peelers. I actually broke the tip of a knife once.

So far, using the small knife on one of the several multitools we have around our apartment has been one of the most effective ways to cut up the beeswax.

As with using any sharp tools, take whatever necessary safety precautions you need.

Step 3: Wiggle

First, put a piece of damp paper towel under your cutting board to keep it from moving. A dry paper towel underneath the beeswax bar will help it keep from slipping and will give your cutting board some protection.

Stick the knife into a section of beeswax near the edge and begin wiggling. I've found wiggling the knife into the beeswax and breaking it apart that way is quicker than trying to slice/chop, easier on my hands, and safer. Just keep wiggling the knife into small sections of the bar until you have as much as you want/need in chunks.

In just a few minutes most of the bar was chopped up.

Step 4: Video

Here's a video showing how I wiggle the beeswax apart with the knife from a multitool.

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