Introduction: How to Cut a Printed Logo With a Silhouette Portrait

The Silhouette Portrait is user-friendly electronic cutting machine. It can cut anything from card stock to vinyl, so you can make stickers, posters, or even 3D objects. With all this opportunity for creativity, it can be overwhelming getting started. This tutorial will take you step by step from idea to full-fledged design. Let's get started!

The Silhouette Portrait can be used to cut around printed designs, such as this logo with an orange border. All it takes is the trace tool and some careful alignment.

What you will need

  1. Silhouette Portrait
  2. Silhouette Studio
  3. Cardstock or copy paper (The Portrait can cut a variety of materials, but many require additional steps. For this tutorial we will cover the basic materials).
  4. Color printer

Step 1: Open Your Image

  • Select File --> Open
  • Navigate to the image file of your logo
  • The logo will drop into the print area.
  • You can re-size as needed with the handles and center it by dragging and dropping.
  • Next you are going to print your logo (You can also print after you have cut the lines, but we will not be covering that method in this tutorial.)

Step 2: Create Cut Lines Using Trace

    Now that you have your logo printed on your paper, it's time to cut it out!

    • To tell the Silhouette where the edges of the logo are, click on the trace button (circled in red above). This opens your tracing tools.
    • Click the "select trace area" button. This allows you to drag a blue box over what you want to trace.
    • The areas highlighted in yellow will have cut lines drawn around them. In our case, this was only selecting the outside orange line, but we wanted the entire letter selected.
    • Adjust the high pass filter (in the tool bar on the right) to select more or less of your image.
    • If your object has voids in it, you have the option to cut them out with either "trace outer edge" or "trace".
    • Once you have your cut lines set where you want, you're ready to move onto the next step.

    Step 3: Print Your Logo

    • In the Silhouette software select File → Print to print your logo.
    • By printing from Silhouette Studio you are assuring that you page will be aligned correctly for use with the cutter.

    Step 4: Cut Your Logo

    • Navigate to the Cut Settings button.

    • Depending on the type of paper you are using, you may need to change some settings in the Silhouette software and adjust the blade in your cutter. The Silhouette's website has instructions on adjusting your blade settings.

    • After printing apply sheet to the adhesive backing by lining up the top left corner of the sheet to the markings.

    • Line up the backing with the second raised line on Silhouette Portrait as shown here.

    • Under the Silhouette tab select send to silhouette.

    • The final cut may be a few millimeters off the first time so it may be a good idea to make a few calibration cuts on some smaller designs. This can save ink if you are doing a large logo