Introduction: How to DIY Paper Flowers

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The instructions provided in this Instructable are the flowers seen in the picture on my graduation cap. I could not find fake pink flowers in my neighborhood Joann's as it was Christmas time, so I decided to make them!

To see how to make a graduation cap, see my other Instructable:


  • Colored cardstock in desired flower and leaf colors
  • Yellow copy paper
  • Elmer's glue

Step 1: Trace and Cut

Trace a general heart shape on the cardstock. Cut it out in the general shape. This does not have to be exact to the heart you traced.

Once you have the heart shape, cut a slit around 2/3 up the middle of the heart.

Step 2: Glue Slit and Repeat 3x

Glue the slits by taking one side and pressing it over the other. This will cause your heart to curve into a slightly rounded shape.

Repeat steps 1-2 three times- each flower needs three petals.

Step 3: Glue Petals Together

Once you have three separate petals, glue them together. Do this by generally fitting the pieces together to see which ones look better on top or bottom. Add glue to the flat bottom part of the petal to attach petals, this way you know where the general bottom should be.

Step 4: Leaves

On the leaf-colored cardstock, trace and cut out the general shape of leaves. Cut two leaves per flower. If you would like to as well, I traced patterns on the leaves to give some detail.

Glue the leaves on the bottom of the flowers, ideally majority on the flat bottom.

Step 5: Center Pollen

The last step of the flower is to create the center pollen piece.

Take around 6 inches of yellow copy paper (copy paper is softer and easier to bend) and cut a fringe.

After a fringe is cut through the entire length, roll it up and glue it down.

Once the glue is dry, push the fringe down.

Step 6: Final Product

Glue the yellow pollen onto the flowers to complete it!

Glue the flowers onto whatever you are working on. In the picture, you'll see I did the same and painted mini flowers gold as well.