Introduction: How to DIY RC Cars

When I was a child, I really wanted a remote control car. When I saw someone playing a remote control car, I was envious of death, but I didn’t have the money to buy it. Because I like DIY since I was a child, but the technology is very bad, I only play with a small light bulb or something. When I grow up, I have a certain amount of hands-on ability, I want to be a car myself. After several failures, I finally succeeded. I am grateful to Dexter for helping me. I was inspired by the post of his "loyal dog".

Step 1: First Prepare a Few Cardboard

Cut them properly and stick the 4 sheets together to form a thick board for the chassis.

Step 2: ​Step 2: Prepare the Wheels;

My wheels are removed from the four-wheel drive. It's a little small, but I can fix them and use them to penetrate them.

Step 3: Step 3: Prepare a Big Gear

it will be used for steering. Processing it like this, it seems that the change is not big, in fact, one of the holes is processed into strip holes

Step 4: Step 4: Fix a Part of the Two Used Refills on Both Sides of the Chassis With Hot Melt Adhesive

Fix the wheel to make such a structure

Step 5: Step 5: Use Dedicated Motor

Fix the motor, insert the big gear, and the steering system is completed.

Step 6: Step 6: Use Engine

Fix a part of the used refill with 502 super glue, plus the wheel

Step 7: Step 7: Fixed on the Chassis to Lead the Wire

Step 8: Step 8: Soldering the Receiving Board and Battery

Step 9: Step 9: Add a Rubber Band to the Steering Shaft of the Steering to Bounce Back to the Positive Direction

Step 10: Step 10: Make a Headlight

I just found two useless LEDs at home, so I used them to make the lights, soldered the switches and led them first. (I can't find the wires, so I have to use the enameled wire.

Step 11: Step 11:After Loading

Step 12: Step 12: Produce Remote Control

Step 13: Step 13: Put It Into Pieces

Take the line of each button and solder the board

Step 14: Step 14: Take the Power Cord Out and Bundle the Battery Underneath

Remote control production is complete!

Step 15: Step 15: the RC Car Is Completed

The overall photo frame (the shell is not going to be done, because it is not bad.)

This is the simple one and when I buy all parts of RC car, like, RC car lipo battery, I will remake another one.