Introduction: How to DIY to Paint Your Wheels With Colorful Rubber Spray Film

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Painting my Toyota Vios, the original TRD wheels is always in my mind since 3 years back. Rather than changed to the low quality wheels made in Taiwan or Thailand, that might endanger the safety of the vehicle due to replica wheels are less rigid compared to original wheels.

This time, I going to share to you how I get my Toyota Vios, TRD sport wheels painted to black with colorful rubber spray film. Rubber spray film is new technology paint spray where the paint coating can be tear off after the paint if we are dissatisfied with the effect. So I have no worry if the paint effect is not nice, I can always tear it off. I bought 2 cans of Colorful Rubber Spray Film from Mr. DIY shop in Time Squares, Penang. Each can cost me only RM21.00. The price is affordable.

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Step 1: Step 1: Removed the Tires From the Wheels

Painting with Colorful Rubber Spray Film is very easy! User just have to assure the surface of the wheels is clean, no grease, no any other oily contamination and the wheel is 100% dry! The best part is, NO sanding is required!

I am getting my new 2 set of Michelin XM2 tires to be replaced since its have worn out at Pitstop Michelin tires shop, Georgetown, Penang and I getting their help to get my wheels painted using the Colorful Rubber Spray Film.

They removed the old Michelin XM2 tires from 4 set of wheels and get the rims washed with soap.

The wheels are let to dry by wiping it with dry cloves.

Step 2: Step 2: Spray the Rubber Paint on the Wheels

Shake the Colorful Rubber Spray Film hard to mix the content evenly before we begin the color spray on the TRD Wheels.

Next step, they spray the paint from the Colorful Rubber Spray Film for 3 layers on the TRD Wheels, with gap of each 10 minutes interval between each paint layer.

Each TRD wheels are sprayed at least 3 layers with 10 minutes interval to allow the paints dry before proceed for next coat. High speed fans are switched ON, and the wheels were put beside the sun light to speed up the paint dry process.

Step 3: Step 3: Install Painted Wheels Back to the Car

Once the painting is completed, we assembled the new Michelin XM2 tires on to the wheels.

The effect is after changed the color of silver TRD wheels to black TRD wheels is AWESOME. The Toyota Vios GT Street now have sportier outlook with its black TRD wheels!

his is the cheap way to change my car outlook by with just RM42.00 (2 cans of Colorful Rubber Spray Paint). The black TRD wheels revitalized the outlook of the Toyota Vios GT Street to more sportier, and fierce appearance.

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